Flamingo Puns

These flamingo puns will tickle you pink with laughter.

Flamingos are pretty daring birds. They like just about anything, as long as it’s eggs-citing.
I wondered why flamingos were so strong, so I did a little research. Turns out they do a lot of eggs-er-cise.
Have you ever tried setting fire to a flamingo? It’s really easy, you just burn the O.
Why are flamingos such good patients?
They’re used to wading.
Never take a flamingo to the local swimming baths. They really don’t like claw-rine.
Flamingos are great to go out with, because they all party like flock stars.
I asked a pink bird who its favourite artist was. It looked at me strangely and replied “Flamingo Starr, of course.”
How do officials start the races at the pink bird olympics? They say three... two... one... flaminGO!
What part of a flamingo has the most feathers?
The outside.
Flight allows flamingos to stay safe from predators. This is natural selection in action, and explains why flaminstays are extinct.
What is a flamingo's favorite ride at a theme park? The flamingo-karts.
A flamingo can be a really good friend to have. However, they generally fit the bill really well.
What is a pink bird's favorite dance? Flamin-tango.
Never trust a flamingo unless you can be sure it has fully fledged ideas.
Have you ever wondered which part of the flamingo has the most feathers? I found out once – turns out it’s the outside.
If flamingos can’t fly, how on earth do they get about? They use flamingo karts, of course.
Why do flamingos fly south in winter? Because it would be too far to walk.
Why are flamingos the happiest birds? They live with no reggrets.
What is the opposite of a flamingo? The answer is, a flaminstop.
It’s really easy to send a nice card to a flamingo. You just write “Hope you have a flamingood…”
Where is a flamingo’s favourite place to dance? The hop, of course!
How do you know a flmaingo has stolen your shoes?
Only one shoe is missing.
What do you call a dead flamingo?
A flaminghost.
Have you ever tried crossing a lion with a flamingo? It will be pink, that’s the mane thing.
What is a pink bird's favorite kind of dance? Flamenco.
I came across an injured flamingo the other day. I tried to help, but luckily it was already receiving medical tweetment.
It’s really annoying being stuck behind a flamingo in a car. They literally never put their foot down.
How do flamingos clean themselves? They flaminget a shower.
How do pink birds make friends? They fla-mingle.
What is a flamingo's favorite thing to do at the weekend? Play fla-bingo.
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