Hungry for some delicious puns? Then you've come to the right category, as this is all food-related puns and short jokes!

Why didn't the green pepper practice archery?
Because it didn't habanero.
Got the drive-thru girl at Taco Bell..
I pulled up and she said, "what can I get you?" And I replied, "I'll just have a moment for now."
Why did the hare go to the taco truck?
He couldn't beat the tortas.
This is a taco and burrito conversation.
HELP! It's a taco emergency!
Dial 9 Juan Juan!
Dad Ordered Taco Bell
Asked how many Dillas come in their Ques 'a Dillas
Taco Bell overcooked my food
I asked for a brrrr-ito and an en-chill-ata.
Never tell a taco a secret
It will spill the beans
I've started a Taco Bell themed John Coltrane cover band.x
We're called Crunchwrap Supremex
I was caught smuggling a taco into the new star wars movie...
...they now call me Rogue Juan
What do you call a cold little taco?
A brrr-ito.
How many tacos can an octopus eat?
Ten tacos.
I was sitting in the toilet at Taco Bell and it reminded me of my divorce.
It was extremely messy and involved a lot of paperwork.
Why are they called tacos?
They don’t say much.
Sir, did you realize the consequences of naming your son Taco Cheese?
"No, but I have grate expectations."
What did the Mexican wrestler say after he ate a taco that was too spicy?
“It’s okay, I’ll just guac it off”
Why can't Superman eat the corn tortillas at taco Tuesday?
He's afraid of that chip tonight.
What do you call it when a taco stands in your way ?
An obs-taco
I wasn’t sure if I ordered enough tacos from Taco Bell.
So I got a just in quesadilla.
What do you call a sloppy Joe made with taco seasoned beef?
Sloppy José
Why don’t most people enjoy jokes about taco shells?
They’re too corny
One day, my stepfather ordered some fish tacos. I asked him what kind of fish goes in a fish taco.
He said, "Dead."
If you put your ear up to a Taco Shell
You can hear the Sí.
"I hate tacos!"
Said no Juan ever.
It's Taco Night, so on my way home, I grabbed a bag of shredded cheese at the store, queso we needed some more.

Are you a taco?
Cause you sure taco lot
Not only did I have a good time at Taco Bell
I had a Baja Blast
my buddy’s sad after getting fired from taco bell, so being a caring friend i asked if he wanted to
taco bout it?
People who use sleeping bags in the woods are soft tacos for bears.
I went to Taco Bell and order nacho fries
the person behind the counter wouldn't give them to me, just kept saying "nacho fries".