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What did the puppy say to his mum?
I woof you.
What is worse than raining cats and dogs?
Hailing taxis.
What do dogs eat for breakfast?
Pooched eggs.
I went to the Veterinarian today.
She really knew how to make my dog heal.
What do you call a large dog that meditates?
Aware wolf.
How does a Spanish dog say Merry Christmas?
Feliz navi-dog.
What is a dog’s favorite pick-up line?
You must be my backyard… because I dig you
What type of dog would be the best at portraying Tina Turner?
An Angela Bassett Hound.
Why don’t dogs bark at their feet?
It isn’t polite to talk back to your paw.
Where did the dog leave her car?
In the barking lot.
What type of dog can use a phone?
A dial-matian.
The expensive dog has gone missing.
However, police are saying that at least they have a lead. Once she is found they will Retriever.
Where should you never take your dogs shopping?
The flea market.
What do dog scientists to with their bones?
They barium.
What was the dog’s favorite book?
Winnie the Pooch. He loves to read a lot of story tails before bed.
Which dog won the race? A weiner dog.
What is a dog’s favorite movie series?
Fifty shades of Greyhound.
What do you call a dog who can fight?
A Boxer.
My dog’s favorite band is The Beagles.
What do dogs increase?
The pup-ulation.
What kind of dog keeps everything they own?
A hoarder collie.
Mistakes happen.
No need to terrier-self up about it.
What type of dog is best at timekeeping?
A watch dog.
My dog is very poor.
He can’t afford a “woof” over his head.
How do fleas get from place to place?
By itch-hiking.
What did the Golden Retriever say to the beautiful poodle?
You’re looking very fetching.
Why did the dog go to university? To get a pe-digree.
What did one flea say to the other?
Shall we walk, or shall we take the dog?
My neighbor had way too many dogs.
It’s safe to say that he had a Rover-dose.
He’s not a bad dog.
He’s just a little ruff around the edges.
Who was the greatest dog detective?
Sherlock Bones.
What do you call a veterinarian that specializes in canines?
A dogtor.
What did the dog say when he sat down on sand paper?
What happens when you cross an Australian dog and a Beatle?
Dingo Starr.
What is a dog’s favorite hobby?
Collecting fleas.
What is a dog’s favorite pizza topping?
I love walking my neighbor’s dog. It’s the leashed I can do.
What happens when you buy a dog from the blacksmith?
When he gets home he’ll make a bolt for the door.
As long as your dog sticks by your side.
Anything is paw-sible.
Why do dogs find it hard to work the TV remote?
Because they always hit the paws button.
What do you get when you cross a dog and a frog?
A Croaker Spaniel.
Why was the dog chasing his own tail?
Because he was trying to make both ends meet.
When is the best time to paint a dog?
When they're asleep.
What do you do when your dog chews a dictionary?
Take the words out of his mouth.
Have you ever heard of Pavlov’s dog?
Yeah, he rings a bell
Did you hear the story about a Golden Retriever who brought a ball back from miles away?
It was far-fetched.
Where do dogs go after the their tails fall off?
The re-tail store.
What type of dog chases anything red?
A bull dog.
What makes more noise than a dog barking outside your window?
Two dogs barking outside your window.
What did the dog say when he sat on sandpaper?
That was ruff.
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