We're paw-sitive you're gonna love our huge list of funny dog puns!

What do you get when you cross a Sheepdog with a jelly?
The collie wobbles.
What does a dog get when she finishes obedience school?
Her pet-degree.
What do you get when you cross a dog and a frog?
A Croaker Spaniel.
When is a black dog not a black dog?
When it’s a Greyhound.
How do you stop your dog from barking in your front yard?
Put him in your backyard.
What do you call an old dog?
Where should you never take your dogs shopping?
The flea market.
What happens when you cross an Australian dog and a Beatle?
Dingo Starr.
My dog loves Star Wars.
His favorite character is Chew-bark-a.
What is a dog’s favorite dessert?
Why did the dog fail his driving test?
Because he couldn’t parallel bark.
Why do dogs find it hard to work the TV remote?
Because they always hit the paws button.
What did the clean dog say to the dirty dog?
Long time no flea.
What type of dog chases anything red?
A bull dog.
What kind of dog sniffs out flowers?
A bud hound.
What is a dog’s favorite movie series?
Fifty shades of Greyhound.
My dog never stands up for himself.
He just rolls over.
What do you call a dog from the Wild West?
Clint Eastwoof.
What does a dog love to eat while watching a movie?
What did the dog order at a restaurant?
His owner’s homework.
Mistakes happen.
No need to terrier-self up about it.
What did Shakespeare say when he was angry with his Dalmatian?
Out, out, damned spot.
Dog to Waiter: Are there any bones in this?

Waiter to Dog: Yes sir, why’s that?

Dog to Waiter: Because I really dig them!
Why did the dog go to university? To get a pe-digree.
My dog’s favorite band is The Beagles.
How do you keep a dog from smelling?
You hold its nose.
What kind of dog loves bubble baths?
A shampoodle.
How do you know when your dog is lazy?
When it chases parked cars.
Why did the police dog get promoted?
Because he was the scenter of so many drug arrests.
I recently got two German Shepherds. Because
I wanted some paw-dy guards.