Are you Koalified to get in here? It's an un-bear-able intrusion! But while you're here, you might as well read our funny Koala Puns!

Why do you never see koalas wearing shoes? Because they love going bearfoot.
If you ever own a koala as a pet, make sure you can keep track of it by putting a koalar around its neck.
What did the grape say when the Koala stood on it? Nothing, it just let out a little wine!
When does a Koala go "moo"? When it is learning a new language!
What is a koala’s favorite exercise?
How do koalas stay in shape? They do bearobics.
What do you call a koala with a negative attitude? The bearer of bad news.
What do koalas use when they’re doing yard work? A wheelbearow.
What do koalas do when they see social injustice happening in the world? They fight for ekoalaty!
What happened when the koala tripped and fell in a crowded restaurant? He got embearassed.
What happens when a koala drinks too much alcohol? He gets a bear gut.
Why was the koala scientist so well-respected by his peers? He was known for conducting excellent koalatative research.
Why didn’t the koala bear get the job? He was underkoalafied. How did he fix this? By going back to koalage.
There once was a koala who could run at a speed of more than 800 miles per hour. He was the first koala to break the sound bearier.
What is a koala’s favorite type of fruit? Bearies.
What is a koala bear’s favorite line in the movie “The Sixth Sense”? “Aussie dead people.”
I tried to keep a koala in my house, but the smell was just unBEARable.
Where do most koala movie stars live? In Koalawood, Koalafornia, of course!
Why did the manager hire the marsupial? Because he was koala-fied.
What’s the scariest koala movie ever made? The Bear Witch Project.
Besides eucalyptus leaves, what is a koala bear’s favorite vegetable? Koalaflower.
Was the koala able to complete the grueling 26-mile marathon? Bearly.
What’s small, furry and slightly purple? A koala holding its breath!
How did the little koala bear stop the movie? She hit the paws button.
What did the koala radio host say before going on a commercial break? “We’re going to take a small paws for our sponsors.”
What do koalas do when they’re facing a tough situation? They grin and bear it.
Every koala supports the idea of being able to defend themselves against tyranny. They believe in having the right to bear claws.
What is a koala bear’s favorite mixed drink? A pina koala.
How do you apologize to a koala? BEAR your heart and soul.
How do you apologize to a koala?
Bear your heart and soul to them.