Buffalo Puns

We always buffalot at these puns...

What's the difference between and Buffalo and a Bison?
You can't wash your face in a Buffalo.
Why was the conservative buffalo disappointed in his child?
He was a bison.
"Dad, what's it called if I like both boys and girls," the buffalo said.
"I believe would be a bi-son," his father replied.
I don’t know why everyone is so upset about untraditional family structures, it’s been happening in the animal world for years. For example, all water buffalos have three parents.
One oxygen buffalo and two hydrogen buffalos.
What do we learn from cows, buffaloes and elephants?
It’s impossible to reduce weight by eating green grass and salads and walking.
What is the proper name for the ghost of a buffalo?
A booffalo.
What is serial killer Buffalo Bill's favorite fast food restaurant?
Chick Fillet.
I've always liked Buffalo Springfield....
....For What it's Worth.
What do you call it when you boil a water buffalo?
A mist steak.
What's it called when a buffalo turns two hundred years old?
A Bisontennial!
Just a buffalo laying down, bisoness as usual.
Her: "Buffalo meat is delicious. What are they made of? Beef?"

Me: "No... They're made of buff."
Why wasn't the hunter allowed to bring his antelope and buffalo with him on the plane?
You're only allowed one carrion.
What did the father buffalo say to his kid when he left for college?
Bi son!
I ordered chicken fingers tossed in Buffalo sauce the other day
I asked the chef to be gentle while tossing them though. Because they’re tenders.
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