Crow Puns

Squawk with laughter at these funny crow puns.

Sometimes we eat a crow while other times we eat Croatia.
What did the crow decide to dress up as on Halloween? As a scarecrow.
What did the pig do when it came to a pork in the road? It pigged the road less traveled.
Where do crows try their luck?
Who is a crow’s favorite actor? Russell Crow!
Why was the crow upset about his job? The HR fired the crow with no caws.
Ever heard of Cawsmopolitan? It is one of the best magazines for crows.
What did the crow said when it saw a car coming? Cawr.
What did the irritated crow said to his fried?
I won't talk to you if you don’t stop ravening.
I stole seven crows yesterday.
Got away with murder.
Wondering what crows prefer with soup, crows like crowtons in their soup.
What do you call a group of crows eating a box of corn flakes?
A cereal murder.
The group of crows that attacked the lady was accused of murder, the cawps are still looking for the probable caws.
What do crows read? Cawmics.
Wondering what crows wear during Halloween, well, they wear caw-stumes.
What did one crow say to the other after the party?
We were raven.
What is a crows favorite vegetable?
Corn on the caawb.
Crows prefer carrion, so their bags are never checked at the airport.
The baby crow decided to dress up as his favorite vegetable on Halloween, he dressed up as a caw-liflower.
I heard some crows communicating after one of their own was injured.
They were caws for concern.
My friend asked me how my pet crow communicates…
I replied, “Microwaves”.
A group of crows drooling over a pastry is called a-tempted murder.
I would rather breed mice than crows
Mischief is one thing, but I don't think I can pull off a murder.
I said some stubtly racist stuff to a magpie
She was a victim of my crow aggressions.
Which Halloween treat is going to keep a crow up all night? A crowfee apple.
On Halloween night a group of crows decided to enact a scene from the play Julius Ceaser, they were enacting the caw-nspiracy scene.
A bunch of crows ganged up and killed a chicken.
It was a murder most fowl.
Have you ever heard of the Crows Law Of Energy Conservation?
It's also known as the Law of Caws and Effect.
What’s the difference between a crow and a chicken?
A chicken can crow, but a crow can’t chicken.
Crows hold grudges. They're also fond of eating the dead. Now...
they've been found to copulate with corpses.
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