Space Puns

Strap your helmet on and check your O2 levels, because we're leaving earth for the best space puns online!

Why an astronaut can be said similar to a football player? They both strive for touchdowns!
A sun walks into a black hole.
The black hole says to the sun "I don't think you understand the gravity of this situation".
What's E.T. short for?
Because he's got little legs.
Why is the moon a wanted criminal?
It’s constantly mooning people.
Last night I was but by a bloodsucker from the moon.
Damn lunatics.
My wife will never forget falling asleep in the sun with her breast exposed.
It’s forever burned in her mammary.
Why does no one trust the man on the moon?Why does no one trust the man on the moon?

Because he has a dark side!
Did you hear about the restaurant they built on the moon?
The food is good but it lacks atmosphere.
How did the space criminal escape from the prison planet?
He achieved escape velocity.
What type of elements know everybody on earth?
There’s a big thunderstorm. The road is blocked by a big mudslide. A little boy asks his dad, “Why does earth fall down like that?”
His dad answers, “It’s terrain.”
What will you do when you will see a spaceman? You will simply park your car, man!
The sun is mad at the clouds because the clouds keep throwing shade.
Have you heard about some bones on the moon? Looks like the cow couldn’t make it after all.
What do you call an alien spaceship that goes from planet to planet to planet? A UF-hoe.
Why should the Sun get into a school? To get brighter.
What do you call the Earth when it is quaking?
Why did you guys not laugh at my space puns? Because there way to Sirius.
Are Earth and Moon good friends? Yes, they’ve been going around together for many years now.
How many astronomers will it take to just change a lightbulb? None, they like the dark.
What do you call a meal from the moon?
A satellite dish.
How did the astronaut die?
exposure to Mercury.
Why did the Sun never got into college? Because it already has quite a million degrees!
What time do spacemen get up? Alien in the morning.
Can an Australian with poor vision clearly see the moon?
No, but a "good eye might."
How does one astronaut says sorry on the moon tell another astronaut? He Apollo-gises.
Do you know why no one has ever been sentenced for crimes committed on the moon?
Because it's a gray area.
What spread do astronauts use on their toast?
. . . Space jam
What will you do if you come across a green alien? I’ll simply wait until it’s ripe.
Why do astronauts use linux?
because you can't open windows in space.
Where do astronauts go for lunch?
Apollo Loco.
How does one astronaut on the moon tell another astronaut that he is sorry?

He apollo-gises.
How do astronauts cook their meals?
With a Space Heater!
An astronaut did a huge crime. He broke the law of gravity and hence, got a suspended sentence.
How does a Man cut his hair on the moon? Eclipse it.
Elon Musk is now the richest person on the planet.
Space X has really taken off this past year.
What is an astronauts favourite type of shirt?
Have you heard the one about the spaceship that came to Earth?
Never mind its over your head.
When does the moon gets his/her stomach full? During full moon.
Where do Astronauts go to the bathroom?
Where no one has gone before.
What are Astronauts doing when they do a mistake?
They Apollogize
Why did the cow go right up to the spaceship? To see the Mooooooooooon.
Why can’t people hear your scream in the space? Because it’s miles away.
When astronauts die, the local papers run an orbituary.
There’s a lot of proposals on cleaning up space in earth’s orbit from broken satellites.
Looks like they’ll need a vacuum cleaner.
If athletes can get “Athletes foot”, what can astronauts get? Missile Toe.
How does a quarter moon always feel?
I've finally started to believe that Pluto is not really a planet...
Especially when I saw him in a cartoon.
Which channels do the asteroids like to watch? The comet-y channel.
Beer is the greatest beverage on earth.
That's my pint of view, anyway.
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