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Did you hear of the new disease going through France?
I've heard it was a Paris-ite.
If you don’t have a lot of figurines from Ancient Greek mythology, I can give you a mini tour.
Some people say Greece should stop using the euro as currency...
I think they're being over-drachmatic.
Did you hear about the famous Spanish streaker?
Senor Willy.
Vasco de Balboa told the Queen of Spain, “I discovered a large body of water on my journey.”
She said, “Could you be a little more pacific?”
What do Spanish speaking people prefer to travel in groups of 2 or 4?
No tres-passing.
How do Greek gods say sorry to one another
"I Apollo-gise"
What did France, Great Britain, and their allies say after The Great War?
World War Won.
What did the prehistoric Greeks call their goddess of love?
An ancient Greek walks into his tailor’s shop with a pair of torn pants.
‘’Euripides’’ says the tailor. ‘’Yeah, Eumenides?’’ replies the man.
Who holds sermons during Sunday in Italy?
The Pasta.
Brother: "My friend John is in Greece studying abroad."
My Dad: "What's her name?"
What do Spanish phantoms say when they like something?
me ghosta.
My collection of Swiss watches was stolen in Spain.
Adios Omegas.
Why can I not make jokes about the recent attacks in France?
Because jokes are all about execution.
Genoa bout the bridge collapse in Italy?
Ah well, we won't go over it then.
In Italy there is a group pf moms creating soft cheese...
They brand themselves as MOMzarella.
What do you call the generation of people that migrated from Italy?
Another cheese factory in France exploded...
I Camembert to hear this joke again!
After hearing about my history major, my dad said, “You should go visit Italy in late August.Then you can witness The Fall of Rome."
I heard the King of spain caught Covid...
Heard he tested positive while on his plane going somewhere, now he has to quarantine there.

So the Reign in Spain remains solely on the Plane.
What is the capital of Greece?
I guess you can say my misunderstanding of Greek mythology has always been my Achilles
Why did everyone want to go to Italy during World War II?
They were Fascistanating.
I always feel like a winner in France, which is great because I hate Toulouse.
Where do recluses live in Spain?
Whilst holidaying in France I saw a group of mushrooms performing Queen covers.
I said 'You're brilliant, what's the band called?'
They replied 'We are the Champignons."
There's a new film out about two insects that meet in Italy.
It's Rome ants.
What do cows in Greece sound like?
They say µ.
What did Sophocles call his dating service in Ancient Greece?

Oedipal Arrangements.
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