you hear that? Grab a bat, it may have something funny to say! Welcome to the funniest Bat Puns!

What do you get if you cross a bat with a ball?
A home run.
What do you call a bat who gets a charge out of life?
A battery.
What did the pastry cook say when he was making the cake?
Bat-a-cake. Bat-a-cake.
Who were the original transformers? Vampire bats!
What did the bat say when she was invited to dinner?
No, fangs. I just ate.
What do you get when you cross a bat with a doorbell?
A ding-bat.
What did hear about the two bats meeting?
It was love at first bite!
Why did the bat walk in her pijamas to take a bath?
Because she did not have a bat robe.
What do bats say to those they dislike? Good riddance to bat rubbish!
Why did the bat fire a chauffeur?
He drove everyone batty.
What praise did a bat’s friend deserve? A bat on the back.
How do you write a book about Bats? With a ghostwriter.
Why did the bat often use mouthwash? She had bat breath.
What is a bat’s favorite dessert?
Pineapple upside-down cake.
What do you get if you cross a bat with a woodpecker?
Why did the bat look for a job?
She was tired of hanging around.
What do you call a dream when a vampire bat is chasing you?
A bat-mare.
How do bats line up in school?
In alpha-bat-ical order.
How do you write a book about bats? With a ghostwriter.
What's more amazing than a talking bat? A spelling bee!
Why did the cat want to learn to fly?
She wanted to try bats.
Why did the vampire need mouthwash? Because he had bat breath.
Where do bats keep their money? The blood bank!
When does a bat go "mooooo"? When it is learning a new language!
What did the bat do when she did not know the answer in class?
She winged it.
What did the baby mouse do when she saw a bat?
She ran home and told her mother she saw an angel
What do you get when you cross a bat with the internet? blood-thirsty hacker baby
What game do bats like to play with birds?
Why do psychiatrists study bats?
They want to learn about their hang-ups.
What bat was called an invader?