Bee Puns

Welcome to Bee Puns! Bee warned though, bee puns really sting!

If you see a wasp, don't kill it. Let it bee.
Why was the little bee sent to bed without supper?
Because he wouldn't beehive.
My wife: Oh look, here's instructions on building a carpenter bee trap.

Me: Shouldn't they be able to do that themselves?
What did the ghost say to the bee
Why do people hate bee puns?
Because they don’t want to beelieve they are good
Did you hear about the doctor who was practicing bee venom therapy without a license?
He was arrested in a sting operation.
What do you get if you cross a wasp with a doorbell?
A hum-dinger!
What do you call a bee trying to make up its mind?
A maybee
What's a bee's favorite novel?
The Great Gats-Bee
What do you say to a bee that bothers you?
"Buzz off!"
Why do bee keepers have beautiful eyes?
Because they hold bees. (Beauty is in the eye of the bee holder)
Why do bees stay in the hive during the winter?
What kind of hair style does a bee get?
A buzz cut
Why do bees hum?
Because they don't know the words.
Where do wasps go on holiday?
What do you call a bee that lives in a mud hive?
An adobee!
What is the best period of a bee's relationship?
The honeymoon.
What do you call a bee who never brags?
A humble-bee
What do a mommy bee and a daddy bee make when they have alone time?
A babe-bee.
What did the sushi say to the bee?
What bee is most indecisive?
A May bee!
What do you call a wasp who is having a bad hair day?
A frizz-bee
What kind of bee makes milk?
A Boobie!
What did the bacteria say to the bee to cheer it up?
Gram positive
A honey bee lands on a flower but is quickly kicked off by the spider living there. Perturbed, he flies away and lands on a different flower...
It was a cross pollination.
If there's a bee in my hand, then what's in my eye?

Beauty is in the eye of the bee holder.
What does the queen bee of every hive tell their workers to do?
She tells them to bee productive.
Today I went to the bee store
And I wanted 12 bee's but when I checked out the cashier gave me 13 and I asked him why he gave me 13 instead of 12 and he said it was a free bee.
What do bees chew?
Bubmble gum.
Where does a bee use the bathroom?
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