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I hereby declare that I have registered to Baba-Mail's service of my own free will and I am not offended by the content of the e-mails sent to me by this site. I am interested in seeing and reading the content of the e-mail sent to me by the site and I do so for my personal pleasure only. I am fully aware that if I show the content of the e-mails sent to me to children under the age of 18 I will be personally held responsible for doing so and that Baba-Mail will not be held responsible or liable nor the site owners and/or the site operators, management and team. I hereby allow Baba-Mail to send me e-mails.

The service of this site, although it is family-friendly, is meant for adults of age 18 and over. The member hereby declares that he/she are 18 or over.

The system is allowed to promote products, services or any other information from a third party which may constitute a 'commercial' or 'ad' on the site, as customary. In this case the website only serves as a platform on which to present the ads/commercial. It is hereby to be made clear that the baba-mail.com site carries no liability or responsiblity for the content in said ad or any content prepared by a third party, and none of the site operators or website staff carry any liability to any claim, including the failure of a third party to fulfil its obligations or anything said in the 'ad' or any claim regarding the quality of services, the quality of the product, etc., deriving from contact between a service giver to a service recipient.

I hereby authorize the ba-bamail.com site to send me promotional mails from time to time.

User Content

The ba-bamail.com website will not be held legally liable for any content uploaded to the site defined as 'user content'. A user uploading any type of content to the website hereby declares that he/she carries full responsibility and liability for any third party action caused by said content. The user declares that after uploading content, the ba-bamail.com site can use said material as it sees fit, including rewriting, editing, web publishing, name changes and all and any other changes to the material, as it sees fit, and waves any right of objection to any such change or use.

Protection of Data

Any personal information that you provide when using this website will be used in accordance with our privacy policy​.

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This website may include links to other internet sites. We are not responsible for information, material, products or services that are included or accessed through these websites. Your surfing and use of these sites is solely at your responsibility.

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