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Can’t pinch this.
I am cocoa-nuts about you.
Your sweater must be made out of wife material.
I aorta tell you how much I love you.
I told you snow.
I find you very a-peeling.
Life is brew-tiful!
What kind of dance do single people do on Valentine's Day?
The Independance!
What does Santa bring naughty boys and girls on Christmas Eve? A pack of batteries with a note saying "toy not included".
You’re as sweet as Pi.
How does Santa capture photos? With his North Pole-oroid.
You're acute Valentine.
Let’s get elf-ed up.
"Just don't carrot all."
“Why does Santa Claus go down the chimney on Christmas Eve? Because it soots him.”
A round of Santa-plause, please.
Your name must be Summer because you are hot.
I’m Dublin down on what I said before.
I went to an Easter party as a Jesus cosplayer
I told them I was a crossplayer.
What do you call a broke santa? Give up yet? It's Saint-NICKEL-LESS.
People are always after me lucky charms.
"I'm so egg-cited, I just can't hide it."
Easter is grammatically incorrect.
We should say more east.
We are looking pitcher-perfect.
Why did Santa send his daughter to college? To keep her off the North Pole.
As it snow happens.
I made Chinese for Easter dinner
If I had made Japanese it would have been Eastest Dinner.
Was a bit lonely by myself at home last night on Valentine's Day so I decided to make my own bread.
I was feeling quite kneady
Happy St. Cat-rick’s day!
Are you a thief? Because you stole my heart.
Don’t go bacon my heart.
“Why did the elf push his bed into the fireplace? He wanted to sleep like a log.”
What's the article of winter clothing most appropriate for Valentine's Day?
's mitten.
"What an egg-citing day."
You're so clover!
Up to snow good.
He came, he thawed, he conquered.
Cheesy Valentines Day Sayings
"I would hop to the end of the world for you."
Snow on and snow forth.
You’re the queen of my heart.
Who’s ready to party their shamrocks off?
What did the arsonist do on Valentine's day?
He met his match.
What do you call people who are afraid of Santa Claus? Claustrophobic.
Your love is like vodka. You’re worth the chase.
I only have ice for you.
Treat yo'elf.
"You might not carrot all, but you're irresistible."
You snow the drill.
What is Santa's favorite breakfast food? Snow-flakes.
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