Camels are such funny and unique creatures... and so are their puns!

What kind of camel throws a hissy fit when you milk it?
A drama dairy.
What do you call a camel without humps?
What Christmas carol do they sing in the desert? O' Camel ye faithful.
What is the camels’ favorite nursery rhyme?
Humpty dumpty.
When you cross a camel with a cow, you will end up with a lumpy milkshake.
What do you call a thirsty camel ?
A dry humper.
In the Camel Kingdom, the king and his family live in the Camelot castle.
How do the cool camels say hello?
"How you dune?"
How do camels blend in?
With camel-flage
Did you know that camels can last longer without water than se*?
They can go three weeks without water, but can't go a day without a hump.
What's a camel's favorite part of a meal?
Whats in a camels favorite cup of tea?
Did you guys hear about the camel that got a gig playing a cow on Broadway?
She was a real drama dairy.
Dad: Where do desert nomads buy their camels?
Son: I dunno. Where?
Dad: at Camelot.
Why did one camel spit and stomp when the other camel stole its cheese?
Because they’re “dramadairies”
What do you call a camel with three humps?
What's the difference between Cloepatra and King Arthur?
One had Camelot and one had a lot of camels.
What do you call a camel that looks the same from both directions?
A palindromedary!
A weeping camel is known as a humpback wail.
Riding a camel really isn't as hard as they say it is.
Once you get over the first hump, the rest is easy.
I tried riding a camel instead of a horse once.
It had its ups and downs.
How can a camel walk the desert without getting hungry? Because of all the sandwhiches there.
A camel can work all week without drinking..
A man can drink all week without working.
Where is the best place to get camel milk?
Straight from the Dromedairy.
I saw a lady riding a camel and being pulled by a truck... It was a camel tow
I just got back from Dubai where I was offered 40 camels for my wife.
I usually smoke Marlboro but hey... a deal's a deal.
How do you offer a camel tea?
"One hump or two?"
Where does a camel go after he's eaten his main course? He walks straight to the desert trolley.
Most camels prefer camelmile drinks because of the nutrition in there.
What did the eye witness say about the camel who was using the bushes as a lavatory?
I saw the hump take a dump in a clump