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Water you doing on [date]?
The judge sentenced the basketball player to life imprisonment because he shot the ball.
Why did the guy decide not to donate a dime to any charity raising funds for a marathon?
Because they just take the money and run.
How does a volleyball team welcome their new neighbors? With a block party.
Why did the horny duck circle the baseball field?
She hoped to catch some fowl balls.
Is it ad-out again? I’m going to hit my breaking point.
I’m not a bad putter…
I just can’t catch a break.
. What do you call it when you heard the same jogger pun earlier, yet laughed again?
A running joke.
hat do you call it when a runner from Moscow starts a race at Red Square that ends in Finland?
Russian to the Finnish.
Ski Area Pick-Up Line: Hey baby, want me to jump off this chairlift for you? 'Cause I think I could fall for you.
Why can’t a car play football?
Because it only has one boot.
Where's the weak spot on a Scottish goalie? The fief hole.
What do you call a boat full of polite football players?
A good sportsman ship.
How do crazy runners go through the forest?
They take the psychopath!
If you doubt whether bowling is a sport, get it from me, that yes, it is a sport, but for people who have talent to spare.
Why wasn’t the pig chosen in the football/soccer team?
It was a ball hogger.
This is one spray-cation to remember.
Why are Scandinavians the fastest runners in the world?
Because they start out near the Finnish line.
Everyone is getting so paranoid, and diving into conspiracy theories lately...
Must be something in the water.
There are many grounds religious children can practice their soccer skills. However, most of them love the prayground.
Did Cyclops the X-man play hockey? Yes, he enjoyed lasing up the skates.
Football is one habit I will never kick
Did you hear about the football team that drafted a vending machine?
They really needed a quarter back!
My friend Elmer’s has gotten really good at tennis ever since he stuck to a healthier diet and went glue-ten free.
Give me some pigskin
Did you know Karl Marx's sister invented the starting pistol?
Her name was Onya Marx.
We’re trying to pool off the party of the summer.
What is the fastest way to make a setter angry? Each time you make a pass, tell the setter the ball is “Up” and then say “Yours!”
If an Octopus were to play football, how many tackles per game would an Octopus have?
Which basketball team is the favorite at the North Pole?
The New York Old Saint Knicks.
What happened when an icicle landed on the skier's head?
It knocked him out cold!
If there's a Tim Horton's chain, should there be a Lanny McDonald's? Or Doug
Harvey's? And what about Ron's Francise?
The density of this concrete leads me to believe one thing: it is a hard court.
Why do hitters find it so hard to be productive when they are indoors? They always work on an angle to play outside.
Why was McGruff the Crime Dog ejected from the football game?
He was called for unnecessary gruffness!
What do you get if cross a baseball player and a monster?
A double header.
I may not be the biggest football fan, but I love tight ends.
Everybody wants to light up a soccer stadium. However, this is only possible using a soccer match.
What is the first time that a volleyball match was talked about in the Bible? When Joseph served in the Pharaoh’s court.
How do you call football without shoes?
The target in soccer is to kick it where it counts.
What do you call a Spanish football player with no legs?
Did you see the guy with quad-arms play tennis? He has a great four-hand.
This summer is going swimmingly.
How did the serve know when the bad serve was not with the hand? The server knew it was the foot fault.
What type of films should players watch to improve their shot? Slap stick.
Where can you find a golfer on a Saturday night?
Where do point guards take their dates to party after the game?
To a basket ball.
The basketball player sat on the sideline and began sketching pictures of chickens. He was learning how to draw fowls.
What do you call a horse that is good at football?
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