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Why don't orphans play baseball? They don't know where home is
Why did the volleyball player cross the street? There were players on the other side.
There is a specific type of cats who love to go bowling. They are known as alley cats.
Why don't skeletons play baseball?
Because they don't have the heart for it.
What do you call the basketball move where you drink too much alcohol and score?
A baseball walks into a bar. The bartender throws him out.
I’m never board when I’m at the pool.
What might folks in Tokyo find between Godzilla's toes?
Slow runners.
The team’s star basketball player decided to remain at home the entire weekend. He didn’t want to be called out for travelling.
If the wooden face mask was popularized by Jacques Plante, was the wooden
cup made popular by Jock Plank?
The closer we came to the alley, the louder the bowling thunder.
When is the course too wet to play golf?
When your golf cart capsizes.
Golf is a lot like taxes:
You go for the green and wind up in the hole.
When his wife was preparing his favorite chocolate cake, the baseball player said "Batter Up.
I tried to hit the picture cleanly over the fence, but it was framed.
Which superstar has a nose for the puck? Mario the Magsniffascent.
How did the serve know when the bad serve was not with the hand? The server knew it was the foot fault.
If somebody says "You pitch great for a southpaw," is that a left-handed compliment?
There is one commonality between a magician and a soccer player. They both do hat tricks.
The last thing I can remember was the yellow ball speeding toward me. I swung the racquet, and then things got fuzzy.
The Montreal baseball team relocated to Tampa after being purchased by the
Exposito bros.
The coddled superstar sat in the seats with the fans instead of on the bench
with the team; for this, ironically enough, he was accused of grandstanding!
Ski Area Pick-Up Line: Hey baby, was it Red Bull that gave you wings, or are you just an angel?
What do you call a married couple who compete in the marathon side-by-side?
Running mates.
How are ladies' baseball teams and cupcakes alike?
Both are delicious and depend on a good batter.
What is a golfer’s favorite bird?
Any birdie will do.
We had an argument on our way back from the tournament. Our position is that their goal was stopping ours.
When the pitch is flooded, soccer players can still go on. They just need to bring on their subs.
What do you do if a running back swallows the football?
You have to get him to cough it up!
Why do benched players always seem to look so wise? They don’t have to look like fools on the floor and entertain the crowds.