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Mothers are wonderful, and like everything else, they do puns just right.

Its hard being a teenage mother
Especially when you're a teenage male.
One of my mother's friends asked if she could be a surrogate
I guess she was just looking for a womb for rent.
What do you call it when all your mother's sisters gather at a funeral to avenge your death?
Vigil aunties.
Mother Superior had to crack down on sisters wearing perfume in the convent.
She said she would not tolerate such nun scents.
At dinner tonight my mother in law asked why my sons knife had a bend in it
I told her it’s so he can cut corners
What does a baby volcano say to his volcano mother?
My mom's sister once mistook Ritalin for aspirin...
It really upped the aunty!
My mother likes to tell people when I was little that I told her I loved her alphabet soup.
I didn’t, she just likes putting words in my mouth.
My mother's sister can carry 50 times her own weight
She's my aunt
What holiday do we celebrate in May to remember all the mothers we lost in the past year?
Momorial Day
These aren't your mom's puns, these are your sisters puns. Tam-puns
My wife left a note on the fridge that said, “It’s not working. I can’t take it any more. I’m going to my mom’s.”
I opened the fridge door, the light came on, the beer was cold. What the hell did she mean?
When I was a kid, my mother told me I could be anyone I wanted to be.
Turns out identity theft is a crime
My mom is a metalurgist
I asked her the other day: "Which metal do you prefer to work with? Gold or silver?"

She said: "Either ore."
Dad: “Son, your mother and I are thinking about moving to a square island.”
Son: “Wow really? Can I come too?”

Dad: “Four shore!”
Does anyone know where we find the handmade Mother's Day gifts the school sends out each year?
I checked my kids' backpacks like usual but they weren't there.
What did the young Toyota say to his mother when she asked what he wanted for dinner?
Taco ma
Son, your mother died. It happened when she choked on her dinner from laughing.
You could say I have a killer sense of humor.
How can you tell if a tree is older than your mother?
It'll be covered in grandmoss.
My mother asked me if my dog was good
I said “Yeah. And my hot dog isn’t bad either.”
My mom told me to stop singing "Im a Believer" because it was annoying.
At first I though she was kidding...Then I saw her face.
I was talking to my friend and he asked me, “As a young boy was your mom strict with you?” I told him, “To be honest,...
“ mother was never a young boy.”
Since it's Mothers Day weekend, I decided to make sure my wife woke up with a BIG SMILE on her face this morning...
Now I can't have Sharpies in the house anymore.
What did James Bond’s mom say as she was giving birth?
"I’ve been expecting you, Mr. Bond."
Stuck on what to get your Mum for Mother's Day?
Get her a fridge and watch her face light up as she opens it.
If your mom slaps you with high frequency -
It Hertz
Kids and I are making burgers for my wife on Mother's Day....
I hope they meat her expectations
I showed my mom my report card, she said that she needed to see more A's
So what did the Mother bee say to her misbehaving bee son.
My mother-in-law dropped her iPhone in the toilet...
I told her, "there's a CRAP for that."
My mom said I have no sense of direction
So I packed my bags and right
My mother always laughed at me when I told her my dream was to build a car out of spaghetti.
You should of seen her face when I drove pasta.
I got down on one knee and asked her if she'd be the mother to my kids, she said yes...
Guess who's gonna find a bunch of losers in a box tomorrow morning at their doorstep.
What do you call a parallelogram that's also your parent's mother?
A parallelogramma
Mom was a milk maid and dad worked the meat grinder at the local butcher. When they got married they took their vows very seriously.
They really meant it was for butter or for wurst.
When Dumbo’s mom was pregnant, no one would talk about it.
It was the elephant in the womb.
A mother mountain says to her moody teenage mountain “don’t you give me that altitude!!”
What did E.Ts mother say to him when he got home?
"Where on Earth have you been?"
My wife showed me two of her mother’s quilts and asked me which one I preferred.
I said, “I refuse to make blanket statements.”
My twin brother was being rude to our mother on the phone, so I pushed him out of the window...
Now I am being charged with making an "obscene clone fall."
A child was bored out of his mind. His mother told him that they are going to the laundry mat and the child said "that is the most boring place on earth."
Then the mother said, "Come on, it will be loads of fun."
My mother always used to say "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach"
Nice lady and all, I truly loved her, but a terrible surgeon.
Children with only a mother make horrible programmers
Theres always missing parent.
I once pranked my mom and told her that I had lyme disease
I still had a few ticks up my sleeve
What did the Indian kid say to his mother when she left India?
I'm so glad our Billy inherited his mother's intelligence
...and I got to keep mine.
Ignore your mother's bad joke, son...
It's a faux pa.
I had a real problem when your mom got rid of that crooked chair my dad made.
I don't know why, it just never sat right with me.
I could borrow the step-stool from my mom, OR i could go buy something taller.
I prefer the ladder.
What does a Turkish kid say to his mom when he needs to do chores in the summer:
I dont’t wanna do it, it’s sho warm ma!
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