Welcome to Spider Puns, where we have eight times the fun!

A spider saw a car he liked at the dealership and decided to take it out for a spin.
A spider crawled under my keyboard a few minutes ago.
Good news: I’ve got it under Ctrl.
What do you call a spiders child?
An arach-kid.
What does Spider-man become when he joins the circus?
an aracnobat.
What do you call a spider with ten eyes?
A spiiiiiiiiiider.
Why do spider-musicians always have such long concert tours?
Because they have so many legs.
How tall is a spider?
Eight foot.
My son wanted a pet spider but they're to expensive.
I told him I'll get him one off the web.
A spider called a tech support office.
He needed help connecting to the web.
How does spider man always come up with such clever comebacks?
Because with great power, comes great response ability.
Why did the spider crawl up the elephants leg the second time?
It got pissed off the first time.
What’s a spiders favorite barbecue food?
Corn on the cobweb.
What do you call Spider-Man at his full potential
Petest Parkest.
What to spiders eat in Paris?
French flies.
I killed a spider with soap
He got a clean death.
What do you call a guy who believes in ethical treatment of spiders?
Peta Parker.
Due to social distancing, I had a conversation with a spider today,
Seems nice, he’s a web designer.
My sister asked me for some spider puns.
I told her to look them up on the web.