They're black, they're white, they're always a delight - They're Zebra Puns!

Zebras aren’t fans of colouring books. They don’t like having to stay between the lions.
A teacher asks the class to name six mammals that you might find in Africa. One of the pupils replies, “five zebras and a lion”.
The zookeeper told me I wasn’t allowed to buy the animals so I asked why the zebra had a barcode.
How do you find zebra?
Look under zeshirt.
What do you call a cross between a donkey and a zebra?
A zebra is the safest place to cross the road. Unless you are actually a zebra.
Two male zebras in the Zoo started making rap-music.
They're called the Zbruhs.
I told a friend that I thought his pet zebra was a fake. He said, “Well spotted”.
I was driving through the safari park when my sat nav said “bear left”. It was clearly a zebra.
All these years of technological developments and I still haven’t seen a colour photo of a zebra.
What do you get if you cross a pelican and zebra? Two streets further away.
Thought I saw a zebra in a field near my house recently, turned out to be a horse in his pyjamas.
What do zebras hold?
Ze boobs.
Which color is a zebra's base color? The debate is endless, and there is no clear answer.
It both is and isn't a black-and-white issue.
Why can't you trust zebras?
Because they're convicted horse felons.
Got a pet zebra, didn’t realise how hungry they are. He eats like a horse.
Why is it so difficult to sell a toy zebra.
You can never find the barcode.
What did the lollipop lady say to the zebra crossing?
'You're stripping me of a job.'
I saw a guy trying to cross a really busy street. Trying to be helpful, I said, “You know, there is a zebra crossing 50ft ahead.”
He said, “I hope he’s having a better luck than I am.”
A chap sees a zebra sitting on a seat beside him in the cinema eating popcorn. He says “what are you doing here?” The zebra says, “well, I enjoyed the book”.
A Zebra said to a Lion “Let’s swap roles for a while."
The Lion said “ I’m game!”.
Why do zebras have stripes?
Because they don't want to be spotted.
My zebra is a rubbish ballet dancer. I think he’s got two left feet.
What side does the zebra have the most stripes on?
The outside.
Why did the lion cross the road? Because he saw a zebra-crossing...
Who would win in a fight between a kangaroo and a zebra?
The zebra. Because he has so many black belts.
Zebras usually hold strong opinions. They are very black and white creatures.