Wolf Puns

Welcome to our wolf den, where you'll be howlin' with laughter at our wolf puns!

Each year, lots of wolves go treating in howl-o-ween.
The favourite day of the week for wolves is moonday.
Wolfs are named after lots of things around and about them. For instance, lumberjack wolfs are known as timber wolfs.
On one bright Sunday morning, one long lost wolf finally met his longtime classmate. “So, Howl’s it goin’!”
When the wolf stood on the grape, the latter said nothing but let out a little bit of a wine.
When doing laundry, the mother wolf accidentally fell into the washing machine. It became a wash and wearwolf.
A week after the werewolf swallowed the farmer’s clock, it had ticks all over.
A wolf that uses bad language is known as a swearwolf.
A wolfswagon rabbit is by far the best car you can gift a wolf.
Have you noticed that most wolf parties begin at around midnight? Well, it is not by coincidence, it is so that they can have a howling good time.
After his teeth were cleaned, the werewolf ate the dentist.
Wolves love taking woofles for breakfast, they are sweet and amazing.
When you cross a wolf and Fred Astaire, you get dances with wolves.
The poor werewolf was busy chasing his own tail. We were later told that he was trying to make ends meet.
When you come across a werewolf with no legs, how do you call it? Call it anything because it cannot chase you!
The next round the wolf showed up at the butchery, he was arrested. This is because he was being tracked by the police for chop lifting.
When you come across a lost wolf, the first greeting should be, “how are you where-wolf”.
No one really enjoys crying wolf. However, the boy did cry just to get a howling experience.
When you cross a wolf and a monkey, you end up with a howler monkey.
A werewolf that is confused on what to wear is not a dumb one, instead it is a what-to-wear-wolf.
Wolves love shopping and they can literally die for. However, none of them loves the flea market for obvious reasons!
The wolf crossed the road because it was chasing the chicken.
When he was chewing the skeleton, the wolf got to a point and laughed. I guess that was the funny bone.
When you go to the wolf hotel just around the corner, you will meet this huge, moustached wolf who always says, “howl may I help you?” as if he has no other words to us!
An army of werewolves is known as a Fur-eign Legion.
When you cross a sheep and a wolf, you will end up with a new sheep, you can’t make such a costly mistake with wolves.
The wolf really needed to talk with the skeleton because he had a bone to pick with him.
All prominent werewolf movies are produced in howl-lywood.
Of all the best pieces of wolf advice, this is my favorite, “stand fur what you believe”
The farmer cried wolf when all his three pigs were mauled by the jungle wolf.
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