Mosquito Puns

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When you swat a mosquito on your arm
Its death is in vein.
What do you call a fascist mosquito?
Benito Mosquitollini.
What do you call the worlds tallest mosquito?
A mosquito asks for a date: "I'd like to take you out to suck blood on someones leg"
She says "I don't know, I feel like I'm going out on a limb here."
What does a mosquito say to greet his girlfriend?
I sprayed a mosquito with mosquito repellent.
Now it has no friends.
Some see a puddle of mosquito larva.
I see a pool of enbitenment.
I went to a mosquito themed restaurant.
It wasn't very good, though. After a few bites I got up and left.
Why was the mosquito sad on christmas?
It was a bah hum bug.
Why cant a mosquito stand on his feet?
because they dont have mosquiTOES.
Today I learned that mosquitoes love type-B blood.
Oops. sorry, type-O.
What did the baby mosquito say after his first flight?
“Mama, mama! Did you see that? Everyone was clapping for me!”
How many mosquito's does it take to screw in a light bulb?
Only 2, no idea how they got there.
What do you call an italian mosquito?
I saw a mosquito in the kitchen. I could have killed it, but I let it fly away...
That's probably going to come back to bite me later.
A mosquito was trying to land on my arm.
I shook it and said:
"Not on my watch."
What do mosquitoes and relatives have in common?
They both share your blood.
Once I told a joke about mosquitos...
It was malarious.
How do you measure a mosquito’s harddrive?
With bug bytes.
What do you call a small, two winged insect resembling a mosquito that likes to keep the peace?
A diplognat!
A mosquito can fly, but a fly cannot mosquito.
The inventor of mosquito repellent likely did not know where to begin...
I guess he would have to start from scratch.
What do you call a mosquito with a turbo?
A bug-hati.
What is a mosquitos worst fear?
The S.W.A.T Team.
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