Mooo-ving to cow puns? You've made the right decision!

You can always find the little cows eating lunch inside the calf-etiria.
What do you call an Arab next to a cow?
Milk Sheikh.
What has four legs and goes Oom, Oom?
A cow walking backwards.
What newspaper do cows read?
The Daily Moos.
India is a very peaceful country.
Because nobody has any beef over there.
What two members of the cow family go everywhere with you?
Your calves.
What do you call it when cows do battle in outer space?
Steer Wars.
What do you call an evil cow?
What South American dance do cows like to do?
The Rump-a.
Why wouldn’t anyone play with the little longhorn?
He was too much of a bully.
Why is the barn so noisy?
Because all of the cows have horns
Why do cows think cooks are mean?
They whip cream.
What’s the best way to make a bull sweat?
Put him in a tight jumper.
What do you get when you cross a cow and an earthquake?
Angry cows are usually responsible for giving the farmer sour milk.
Why is it a bad idea to give a cow marijuana?
The steaks are too high.
What country do cows love to visit?
Moo Zealand.
If you mix a ghost and a cow together, you will create vanishing cream.
Why did the farmer feed money to his cow?
He wanted rich milk.
What do cows get when they are sick? Hay Fever.
What would you hear at a cow concert?
When the cow forget how to give milk, she was udderly confused.
The only difference between pea soup and roast beef is anyone can roast beef.
The feeling you get when you think you have heard these cow puns before is known as deja-mooo.
The manager for that dairy farm was referred to as the cow-ordinator.
What do cows sing at their friend’s birthday parties?
“Happy Birthday to MOO, Happy Birthday to Moo!"
That romantic cow took his new girlfriend to the moo-vies.
How did the calf’s final exam turn out?
Grade A.
In order to get an accurate count of the herd, the farmer uses a cow-culator.
What did the cow who barged the other cow say?