Summer is Here and We're Punning Out!

How about some cool puns to make you forget about the heat and focus on your smile?

Why do bananas like to use sunscreen?
Because they peel!
This vacation has been sand-sational!
I feel pretty shore this is going to be the best summer yet.
Summer is my favorite sea-sun of the year.
‘Tis the sea-sun to be jolly.
What does Cinderella usually wear at the beach?
Glass flippers!
Have you heard of the martial artists who fought on the beach?
They faced off in sand-to-sand combat.
Why did the detectives suddenly appear at the concert at the beach?
Something fishy was going on.
How would you be able to prevent a summer cold?
Catch it in the winter!
Summer went swimmingly this year.
The summer sun makes me as happy as a clam at high tide.
Make your own decisions this summer, don't give in to pier pressure.
Dear Winter — I'm breaking up with you. Summer is hotter than you.
What do you call a dog on the beach in the summer? A hot dog!
Water you doing, my friend?
What is the perfect day to go to the beach?
Where do math teachers normally like to go on summer vacation?
Times Square.
Why did the robot decide to go on a summer vacation?
To recharge!
It's a-boat time for a holiday!
Life is way better in sandals, and that's one opinion that I will never flip-flop on.
Reading whilst sunbathing? You must be well-red!
Summer is here, so I’m moving all of my bad habits outside.
What did the pig say on a hot summer’s day?
I’m bacon!
Have you ever wondered why gulls are known as seagulls? It is because they are by the sea. Had they been by the bay, they would have been called bagels.
What do you think is a frog’s favorite summertime treat?
What is a frog’s favorite drink on a hot summer day?
What does a bee do when it is extremely hot?
It takes off its yellow jacket!
Now that it's summer, we've got to seas the day!
Hey summer, long time no sea!
I have a serious love-heat relationship with summer.
Girls just wanna have sun!
I hope you have an absolutely fin-tastic day!
All you need is a little vitamin sea.
What does the sun drink out of?
Don't get tide down this summer. 'Tis the season for having fun.
Do fish go on vacation?
No, because they’re always in school!
Which country do sheep go on vacation? The Baaa-hamas.
Make your own decisions this summer, don’t give in to pier pressure.
Let’s shell-ebrate good times and tan lines.
Why did the cheerleader add extra salt to her food in the summer?
She wanted to do summer-salts.
I beacha miss summer already!
I stayed up all night to see where the sun went, and then it dawned on me.
Anything is popsicle during summer!
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