We can bear-ly wait to show you our collection of funny bear puns!

What do polar bears have for lunch?
Ice burgers.
Goldilocks was killed last night.
The killers did it with their own bear hands.
What do you get if you cross a skunk with a bear?
Winnie the PU!
What kind of car do bears drive?
Which animal can hibernate while standing on its head?
Yoga Bear.
What do you call a bear with no arms and no legs?
An ambulance. This is no time for jokes.
What do you call a bear without any teeth?
A gummy bear.
Why did the two bears break up at the North Pole?
They were polar opposites.
Why did the sloth get fired from his job?
He would only do the bear minimum.
What is a polar bear’s favorite snack?
Did you hear about the guy who got killed by a bear?
It was a grizzly death.
What is a polar bear’s favorite cereal?
Ice Crispies.
How can you tell when a polar bear is moving?
There’s a “fur sale” sign in the yard.
What did the bear say when her date showed up too early?
I’ll be out in a minute, I’m bearly dressed.
What do you call a polar bear in Florida?
A solar bear.
Why didn’t the teddy bear want any dessert?
He was already stuffed.
What would bears be without bees?
Why did the bear dissolve in water?
It was polar.
Why don’t bears eat fast food?
Because it’s hard for them to catch.
What do you call a bear who practices dentistry?
A molar bear.
What do you call bears with no ears?
Why didn’t the teddy bear eat his lunch?
Because he was stuffed.
What do you call a grizzly bear who gets caught in the rain?
A drizzly bear.
Why wouldn’t the papa bear use a navigation system in his truck?
Because he never lost his bearings.
If I ever find out the name of the surgeon who messed up my limb transplant, I’ll kill him…
With my bear hands.
What do you get if you cross a teddy bear with a pig?
A teddy boar.
What do you call two polar bears jerking each other off?
Why do grizzlies never look sad?
Because whenever there’s a problem, they just grin and bear it.
What is a bear’s favorite soda?
Coca Koala.
I’ll think of another pun soon…
Just bear with me.