Hilarious Coffee-Shop Pick Up Lines

Coffee shops are a great place to encounter friendly strangers who already share your love for coffee. But if you wanna make your friends and family laugh, take them to a good coffee and tell them these hilarious coffee-shop pick up lines!

Hello there, how do you brew?
I like the way you espresso yourself.
You're such a TEAse.
Just promise you won’t tamper with my heart.
You warm my heart more than the salted caramel hot chocolate on a cold winter day.
You’re like my coffee, you keep me up all night.
Coffee, tea, or just more of me?
This coffee is steaming up my glasses or is that just you?
Hey girl, are you a faulty French press because I’d like to be burned by you and recall you afterward.
Hold the sugar, please. You're sweet enough for me.
Hey there, don’t add honey to that chamomile. You’re already too sweet.
Hmm, there seems to be a kiss of mint in this blend. How about a real kiss, just to be sure?
I have a personal rule to never eat chocolate alone.
I like you about 1/18 as much as I like a Pumpkin Spice Latte, which is to say “I love you forever, let’s get married.”
Are you a Frappuccino? Because I want to be that whipped cream on the top.
Careful of that Earl Grey, it’s super hot! Oh wait, you don’t need to worry. It’s not as hot as you.
Do you get a hint of almond in this Keemun? No? That’s odd because I’m nuts about you.
I know you’ve turned me down before, but I’m asking for an extra shot.
Can I get your number? Because I like you a latte.
My coffee is really hot. But you're hotter.
I'm going to start watching my caffeine intake because baby you make my heart palpitate.
Giving me your number sounds like a fair trade.
I have no idea how you can look so great pre-coffee.
I like the way you espresso yourself.
Excuse me, is it you or my coffee that’s getting my heart rate up?
Wow, two teaspoons? Lucky for you, I’m a pretty good spooner myself.
I had to clean my filter twice after I saw how beautiful you are because I couldn’t believe my Arabicas.
The barista may have forgotten your name... but I sure haven't.
Affogato? Afforgeto where I am when I'm with you.
I can feel something brewing between the two of us.
Hey, was your daddy a barista because you are ALMOST what I ordered.
I like my coffee like I like my men: either tall or with a confusing Italian name.
I’m soy into you.
If you were coffee grounds, you’d be espresso ’cause you’re so fine.
Are you a Gingersnap/Eggnog Latte? Because I want to bring you home for the holiday.
My coffee hasn't kicked in yet, so I can't think of a charming pickup line.
That Kenyan black smells wonderful! May I try it? Normally I stick to English Breakfast, but I’m always open to experimenting.
This must be decaf, cause you’re just dreamy!
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