Strawberry Puns

These strawberry puns are berry berry funny!

If you want to wish a 'Merry Christmas' to a strawberry, just say, "Straw-berry Christmas!'"
A scarecrow's favorite fruit to eat is straw-berry.
A strawberry usually gets stuck often when it gets jammed.
When you see something red that goes up and down, chances are it is a strawberry in an elevator.
When Berry the dog dug up the woman's strawberry patch, she angrily exclaimed "That is the final straw, Berry."
Most of the fruits usually drink their juice with a straw-berry.
What did the judge say at the finale of the meat throwing competition? The steaks have never been higher!
The innocent blueberry got easily framed for the crime because the evidence was a strawberry plant.
On Mother's Day we went strawberry picking and made a jam from the fruits of our labor.
Strawberries are considered to be the most bullied fruits because they're always getting picked on.
A strawberry screamed at the other, "Were it not that ripe, we wouldn't have ended up in this jam."
My grandmother was famous all over town for growing delicious strawberries.
She made me promise that when she died, I would plant her strawberries on her grave so that people could enjoy them when they visited. When she passed away I fulfilled my promise. She’s dead and berried.
You can never make a crumble with just 3.14 strawberries because that would make a pi.
My business that sells strawberry juice has gone into liquidation
Some very good advice strawberries give to their children is to respect their elder-berries.
I found a sour strawberry today. It was berry bad.
The strawberry went out with the grape only because he couldn't find a date.
Have you wondered what made the strawberry such a smoothie? It is the yoghurt of course.
I felt like telling you the joke about a strawberry jam on a piece of bread, but I won't. You might go around spreading it.
I came across a man who was eating strawberries at the bank. He told me he wanted to eat rich food.
Why did the strawberry get bruised? Because it was under pear pressure.
A Blueberry asked a strawberry to go to hell.
That was berry rude of him
What do you call a strawberry in math?
A berry-able.
It was the pie piper who had led the strawberries to the bakery.
The scientist was meticulous about his strawberry pies. He rounded up the protein content of his pie at 3.14.
The daddy strawberry got the job to perform at the circus because he was a berry straw-ng man.
A berry from which you can directly drink out of is a straw-berry.
My local ice cream man was found dead in his garage covered in strawberry sauce and hundreds and thousands.
Police believe he topped himself.
My father is a farmer who grows strawberries. However, his business has recently gone into liquidation after he made smoothies.
A strawberry feels most comfortable in its py-jam-as.
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