This potato puns' category is so much fun, you can call it a hot potato!

What kind of potato do you want to take home to your parents? A sweet potato.
"Two potatos are standing on a corner, how can you tell which one is a prostitute?" "The one that says IDAHO!"
What’s a potato’s favorite TV program? Starch Trek.
Potatoes have skin. I have skin. Ergo, I am a potato
What do potatoes become when they smoke weed?
Baked potatoes.
My love for you sprouts more and more everyday!
Did you hear about the potato that got its head chopped off? It was decap-potatoed.
Why was the sweet potato too shy to ask out the russet potato? Because he was a real spud.
What do you call a person who spends a lot of time sitting and staring at potatoes? A medi-tator.
“I can’t breathe” One potato said to the other. “What happened? ” The other said. The potato replied “I
feel I dropped my nose somewhere”
Why don't potatoes go to parties?
They're scared of the Monster Mash.
I love you a tot!
What do you get when if you cross a potato and the terminator?
A termitator.
What’s a potatoes favorite horror movie? The Silence of the Yams.
John, you have so much po(tato)tential!
“How was your day? ” “It was tater-ible”
What’s a potato’s least favorite dance? The Mash Potato.
Who is a potato’s favorite author? Edgar Allen Poe-tato.
Boil ’em, mash ’em, stick ’em in a stew. Happy Birthday from me to you!
What do you call a baby potato? Tater tots!
What do you say to an angry 300-pound baked potato? Anything, just butter him up.
I yam rooting for you my sweet potato and I won't mash your heart
What is a potato’s life philosophy? I think, therefore I yam.
When it started raining, I spotted a potato across the road pretty fast and I wondered what’s up? It wasn’t long before I saw a fork up ahead.
Why was the potato put in an asylum? It was starch raving mad.
I miss you! I’ll see you tater!
What do you get when it rains potatoes? Spuddles.
Say this aloud: Eye Yam Stew Peed
What did the daddy potato say to his son before his soccer game? I’m rooting for you!
How do you know when a potato is high? When it looks baked!