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When everyone agreed with Hulk at breakfast that they love waffles more, he said, "Not all heroes wear crepes."
I hate it when I run out of bread for breakfast. I am lack-toast intolerant.
The pancake thought he was the best breakfast food because nobody stacked up to him.
Don't be too harsh on the bread. All it kneads is love.
Breakfasts with my family always feel like a party because they're always making toasts.
I keep thinking I'll make breakfast pancakes, but I end up waffling.
A cup of coffee is the ideal start to a brew-tiful morning!
"Thanks a brunch for the meal!", said the punny man when he sat to eat.
When the egg saw the pan, it was terri-fried.
Bananas, for breakfast, are such an a-peeling choice.
He is a humble husband. Unlike others, he never blows his crumpet after making breakfast for his wife everyday.
A thesaurus' favorite thing to eat for breakfast is a synonym roll.
The pancake was quiet because it did not like to waffle.
"I'd like to make a toast!", said the bread to the bride on her wedding day.
My brother gave me whole milk, but I can only have nut milk with my cereal. How dairy!
What do dogs love to eat for breakfast?
I'm not too fond of not finishing my entire bowl of cereal. I think I have irritable bowl syndrome.
A person who only loves himself and waffles in the entire world is an Eggomaniac.
The bread actor was sad because he lost a juicy roll.
There’s muffin I wouldn’t do for breakfast.
When the bread started crying because it was toast, the loaf told him, "You deserve butter."
Don't drink too much coffee after breakfast. You might face a latte problems.
What is the most sophisticated class of bread?
The upper crust.
When you accidentally step on a cheerio, you become a cereal killer.
A cow usually prefers to eat moo-sli for breakfast.
The local baker keeps punching his doughy friend because he wants to get a rise out of him.
I tried telling a joke while drinking my juice for breakfast, but nobody got my punch line.
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