Welcome to (burp) ooh, sorry about that... welcome to Beer Puns!

What kind of beer can you make from a potato?
Spud Light.
A never-ending natural supply of beer?
Hops springs eternal.
When my friend Frank died, his body was cremated and his ashes were placed in a decorative German beer tankard.
Now he's Frank in stein.
What happened when the beer got divorced?
It became bitter.
What did the glass of wine say to the beer?
Nothing... They barley knew each other.
Somebody should market a beer called “Occasionally”.
So when asked, I can say, “I only drink occasionally”.
What do you call a smart beer?
A Pilsnerd.
What did Einstein say when someone tried to steal his beer?
Nein! Mine Stein!
What’s the most supportive beer?
Root beer.
What's a redneck's favorite beer?
An open one.
Just found a fly in my beer. I'm feeling buzzed.
I have a beer snob friend with Photophobia. He hates natural light.
Have you guys tried kangaroo beer?
It’s a little hoppy.
My town always holds a contest to see which beer drinker's belly is biggest by seeing how far it goes past a line...
That's the paunch-line.
How do you know that beer makes you smarter?
Because it made bud wiser.
Did you hear about the little people starting a beer making operation?
It's a micro brewery.
A mathematician walks into a bar and says, “One beer for me, and 10 beers each for all my friends!”
Bartender: "Now that’s an order of magnitude!"
What beer does everyone at the orphanage drink?
Beer doesn't make you fat
It makes you lean.
A skeleton walks into a bar and asks the bartender for a beer and a mop.
I heard they sent a beer into space, destined to leave the solar system. They called it Interstella Artois.
My Dad told me why Busch is the only brand of beer he ever drinks.
"It's the only beer that says it's name when you open it."
I just had the most manly craft beer at my Israeli restaurant.
It was called He-Brew.
I've just invented a new Canadian beer
It's a form of I.P.Eh
I tried to give the guy who came to clean our septic tank out a beer. He said, “I’m not the type of guy who drinks on the job.”
I said, “Yeah, you wouldn’t want you’re boss to catch you sh*t faced.”
Why did Bill's friend get covered in beer?
Because William Shakes Beer.
What do you call a half dozen wolves drinking beer?
A six pack.
I rarely put orange slices in my beer.
Once in a Blue Moon.
He ordered 6 vodkas, 6 beers and 6 lemonades. The bartender asked if he would like a tray.
"No I have enough to carry as it is."
I lost my grip, and my beer shattered on the floor.
This Corona outbreak is really getting out of hand.
What is soap's favorite brand of beer?