Welcome to the delightful sweetness of Mango Puns!

What's the manliest fruit to eat?
My wife told my four year old daughter that she couldn’t use her plastic IKEA knife to slice mangos.
I said “Yeah kid, that’s just not going to cut it.”
Have you ever seen the episode of VeggieTales directed by Tarantino?
It’s called Mango Unchained.
How far can a mango,
If he's got a license but doesn't avocado ?
My wife looked at me and said “You think you’re pretty sharp, don’t you?”
I don’t like mangoes. I asked my boyfriend if he thinks they’ll grow on me one day.
He said “I think they can. You just need to be watered properly.”
Usain bolt must be a fruit
Have you seen that mango?
An angry fruit yells at traffic in front of them
My wife started a tropical diet
There’s so much stuff in the house it’s enough to make a mango crazy.
‪I mashed a few mangoes, pineapples, melons, strawberries, and grapes into a pot. Served the mash to guests visiting my place.
Called the dish, Mea Pulpa. ‬
How do you make a mango shake?
You take it to a scary movie.
My neighbor said a man walked into my garden and stole my mangoes.
I am wondering where did that mango.
Ladies, if he can't appreciate your fruit jokes, you need to let that mango.
How did I make the mango tree fit in my flower-pot?
I planted it.
Singular: One mango
Plural: Two menwent
Dog Joke: What do you call a Collie with a mango on it's back?
Mango Lassie.
What did the annoyed peach say to the mango?
Man-go away!
The plural of mango should be changed to mengo