Welcome! This is a place for humor connoisseurs! Only the most fine, fresh WINE PUNS here for our most select members!

"Chardonnay or should I go?"
Why did Mrs. Wine Grape run away from home?
She was tired of raisin a family.
What kind of wine do traffic cops like best?
Fine wine!
"Read between the wines."
"Sip, sip hooray."
How does cabernet like to travel abroad?
On a cruise sip.
"I need to re-wine my life."
"I'm not a wino. I'm a wineYES!"
What do you call the guy who chooses a suitable fortified Spanish wine?
A Sherry Picker.
I hear you like wine, too. Grape minds think alike.
Why was the white wine's off-beat pun so boo-ed?
Because it was too corky.
The problem with collecting wine is that you always end up getting screwed.
"Say you'll be wine."
"Rosé all day."
You’re wine in a million.
"Sip happens."
Where do connoisseurs lock up their best bottles?
In a wine cabernet.
Are there any funny red wine puns at BabaMail Jokes?
You bet Shiraz there are!
This kind of wine does not go right through you. Trust me, you will pee no noir.
"Stop and smell the rosé."
"Let's get fizzical. Pass the prosecco."
"It's wine o'clock."
"Love the wine you're with."
"You can't sip with us."
"Hakuna Moscato. It means drink wine."
"Here for the right riesling."
"Giving you more reasons to wine."
Why do we love wine puns?
Because they're grape!
Why have less scato when you can have mo’ scato?
Gluten-free, dairy-free, fat-free – I love this new Champagne Diet!