Lettuce Puns

Lettuce get to the funniest puns!

A man likes sending random stuff to his friends through the mail because he finds it funny.
This particular time the man takes some lettuce to the post office to ship to a friend from back home.
He tries to package it up but it won't fit unless he cuts it into smaller peices. He cuts it up and stuffs it in a large envelope, however he forgets to write out and attach a shipping label. He doesn't realize his mistake at the time and brings it to the counter to send.

The postal workers says: "You can't send a salad like that, it needs adressing".
A bowl of salad went to church
Lettuce pray.
What did the rabbit say to the lettuce?
Romaine calm, I’m here for the carrots.
A major produce organization is reeling after multiple reports of tainted lettuce.
We may soon witness the falling of the Romaine Empire.
How does lettuce listen to music?
Hello my name is lettuce, and I was going to the grocery store...
Ah, I’m getting ahead of myself
I ran out of toilet paper, so started wiping using lettuce leaves
But I'm scared this is the tip of the iceberg.
Why did the lettuce stop dating the mushroom?
He though she was a pretty fungal, but didn't have mushroom on its schedule.
Why does Elton John HATE lettuce?
Becuase he's a ROCKET MAN...
What do you call half a head of lettuce?
The Romaine-der.
What do you get when you throw lettuce into the ocean?
I don't know lettuce sea.
What happened to the men who lost their lettuce?
I don't know, but apparently they lost their heads.
I went to my fridge to get some lettuce for my salad
But there was none Romaine-ing.
Lettuce stop these governmental leeks.
A cabbage said to a DJ “lettuce turnip the beet!”
What do you call a field full of epileptic lettuce ?
Seizure Salad
I had no clue how much lettuce to buy, so I called my wife from the grocery store.
Turns out two heads are better than one.
Why’d the lettuce blush?
It saw the salad dressing.
What do you call a baby lion on lettuce?
Cub Salad.
Why does the lettuce always win the bodybuilding competition?
Cuz it starts a head and is usually shredded.
Why do bacon lettuce and tomatoes have the lowest IQ out of all the foods?
Because they're in-bred.
What do you call a chicken staring at lettuce?
Chicken sees a salad.
Did you hear about the race between the lettuce and the tomato?
The lettuce was ahead while the tomato tried to ketchup.
What is Whitney Houston's favorite kind of lettuce?
What's the difference between a head of lettuce and a unicorn?
One is a funny beast, and the other is a bunny feast!
Subway - Lettuce know how we did.
A lettuce farm was busted by the FDA on suspicion of combining plant and human DNA to create a new protein hybrid.
When they dug up the grounds the found human romaines.
What do you call leftover lettuce?
The romaines.
Ran out of toilet paper today. We’re now using lettuce leaves.
Today was just the tip of the iceberg. Tomorrow romaines to be seen.
A packing plant received a load of lettuce to process. The workers grabbed the boxes quickly from the top and the bottoms fell out spilling the produce.
The boss yells, grab the boxes by the bottom, or heads are going to roll!
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