Egg Puns

These egg puns will surely make you crack up! Or, perhaps you prefer the punny side up?

It's my first day on the fishing boat and everyone keeps asking if I've found my sea legs.
I'm not falling for it though. I know for a fact that seals don't lay eggs.
Why is the chef so mean?
He beats the eggs.
When the little boy was baking a cake why did it run away? Because it said crack 2 eggs then beat it!
What did the Egg say to the boiling water? It's going to take awhile to get me hard I just got layed by some chick!
How do eggs get around?
On a s-egg-way.
What's a hen's favorite shipping company?
Federal Egg-spress.
How does a hen leave its house?
Through the eggs-it.
Why can't you tease egg whites?
Because they can't take a yolk.
What do you call a self-obsessed egg?
An eggomaniac.
How did the egg get up the hill?
It scrambled up.
A man walks into a bar with a fried egg on his head.
The bartender asks, "Why have you got a fried egg on your head?"
The man replies, "Because boiled eggs fall off."
How do monsters like their eggs?
If you can't beat them...
Just have your eggs fried.
What did the egg say to the clown?
You crack me up.
When I was younger, I once smashed up a nest of heron's eggs.
No egrets.
Eggs are going up again.
That'll surprise a few chickens.
How many French eggs do you need?
One egg is un oeuf.
What does a meditating egg say?
How can you drop an egg six feet without breaking it?
By dropping it seven feet. It won’t break for the first six.
Who wrote the book "Great Egg-spectations"?
Charles Chickens.
What sport are eggs best at?
What crime is an egg most afraid of?
Why did the hen lay her egg on the axe?
She wanted to hatchet.
I saw an egg behaving oddly today.
It was probably just a bit egg-centric.
I saw a sign earlier that said, "Free Range Eggs."
I've never heard of Range Eggs before but at least they were free so I took some.
What's an egg's favorite tree?
A y-oak tree.
What kind of eggs does a confused chicken lay?
Scrambled eggs.
What did the egg do when it saw the frying pan?
It scrambled.
Why do hens lay eggs?
Because if they dropped them, they'd break.
I was visiting my dear old Grandpa the other day when he said to me, "Let me give you a bit of advice. You can't make an omelette..."
"Without breaking eggs?" I finished for him.
"No. You can't make an omelette," he said, as he scraped it into the bin.
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