Corn Puns

Lend us your ears for some hilarious Corn Puns!

Why do farmers make terrible comedians?
Their jokes are corny!
Why shouldn’t you take corn on an airplane?
Your ears will pop!
Did you hear about the farm dog who liked to strip ears of corn?
He was part husky!
When is a vegetable also a nut?
When it’s a corn!
Some people say popcorn is hard to chew. There’s a kernel of truth to that.
Don't tell secrets in corn fields.
Too many ears around.
Why did the corn farmer go to jail?
He was stalking someone in a field.
Our daughter eats her corn one kernel at a time.
She's a unicorn.
What did the farmer say when someone complimented him on his corn harvest?
Aww, shucks!
What did baby corn say to Mama corn?
Where's Popcorn?
I really like corn, but I can't find it because this time of year it's never in stalk
How did the corn farmer get to be so successful?
He corn-ered the market!
How do you make sweet corn?
You whisper sweet nothings in its ear!
What do you call a single, solitary kernel of corn?
A unicorn!
There’s this corn on the cob stand that I really like, but it started making ads
They were really corny.
This corn is a little rough to the touch. Looks like a job for Kernel Sanders.
What does a pirate pay for his corn?
A buccaneer!
What do you call corn that joins the army?
A narwhal is just a tuna-corn.
I thought of a new joke that started in a corn field.
But I'm not going to post it bc it's too corny.
just witnessed a chicken try to pick up a piece of corn for 5 minutes,
What did the corn farmer give to his therapist?
An ear full.
What do you call someone who’s crazy about corn?
A corn-ivore!
Somebody was doing a speech and said, "This might be corny," and pulled out a couple of canned corns. Guess what happened next?
Total pundemonium.
How much does a corn flake weigh?
1 Kelloggram.
What do you call a pair of cornstalks that are best friends?
Ear buds!
Plain popcorn? You can do butter than that.
Dad fertilized the garden with corn starch.
The plot thickens.
What do you call mountain climbing corn?
Why is corn popular around Halloween?
Because it’s so earie.
What do you call corn with red, white and blue kernels?
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