Hummus some tunes if you want to get into this category!

Man wins award after he died eating appetizers at a Mediterranean restaurant
It was a Post-Hummus award.
I saw a road sign the other day that said "Dip In Road"
I turned the corner and drove straight into a load of hummus
What's the difference between Hummus and Humus?
I can't get my wife to try Mediterranean food.
She doesn't like hummus, which is a naan-starter.
Why did the hummus blush?
Because it saw a chickpea!
I was gonna make a joke about Mediterranean food...
But hummus have missed the mark, and now I falafel.
I fed my wife some ground chick peas and she choked to death
The police are treating it as a hummuside.
What do a pregnancy test and hummus have in common?
They both require a chickpea.
I've been on a real hummus kick lately, so as I came home from work tonight, my sister says to me "You're always bringing home hummus now." To which I replied, "Hummus where the heart is!"
What did the hummus say to the pita bread when he got sick?
I falafel.
Ugh.. I ate too much hummus..
And now I filafel.
What did one hummus say to the other hummus
My girlfriend spilt hummus all over her...
Can't believe that chick pea'd herself.
Grandma: Do you like Hummus? Me: I love Hummus....and I sometimes like to singus!
Predictive Text
It's the scurge of the hummus rice.
Where did Vegans come from?
Hummus Sapiens
What did the fans say to the band named after a famous chickpea spread?
Hummus a tune.
I asked the pianist if he could play the Chick Pea Song.
He said, "Maybe. Can you hummus a few bars?'
So I was standing in the grocery store comparing the prices of a couple packs of hummus when my roommate came up to me and suggest the off brand roasted red pepper kind to which I replied:

"Ya, I'm not really sure about that brand. They seem to be very hit and hummus for me."

He was not impressed.
Due to unusually successful harvests of chickpeas this year, the price of hummus is going to fall dramatically.
Buy the dip.
I'm going to start a hummus brand that comes in really difficult to open containers.
It's gonna be called 'hummus posta eat this'.
Me: I think I'll take a dip in the pool.
Lifeguard: What ya got there?
Me: Hummus.
Did you get a side of hummus?
It's a hummuside.
What is the correct answer to Hummus?
A cow.
What is the charge for beating someone with a bottle of olive oil and a can of chick peas ?
Attempted Hummus-ide.
My Ex Girlfriend stole my Hummus.
I told that chick, peace