Welcome to our bread puns! It's all flour and rainbows here.

I had thought of a lot of good bread puns, but they seem to have gone a rye. I know the feeling.
Ciabatta stay away from me because I don’t want naan of that. That’s one way to tell someone to keep away.
That wide loaf has a decent bread-th. Nice.
Why are bread puns the greatest? They never grow mold.
Why was the chef surprised that anyone like her bread?
She thought it was crumby.
The bread baker won the girl over because he kept giving her a flour. How sweet!
You knead me in your loaf. This one kind of works, but loaf is just a little too different from life.
A young slice of bread came up to his crush. He told her that he was really falling in loaf with her.
How do you make dog bread?
Just use collie flour.
The bag of flour was so confused.He thought that he saw his friend the loaf yeast-erday.
What did the banker want from the baker?
To pump her nickels.
When I tried taking a picture of my bread load, it came out grainy. I think that that is a common problem.
What did the mother bread tell her baby roll? You really are the apple of my rye.
I don’t want naan of that. Neither do I!
They fired the loaf of bread from her job. They say that she kept breaking down and would rye on the job.
Why was the baker in a serious panic? He thought that he was in a loaf or death situation.
How did the baker cut four loaves of bread at the same time? By buying a four-loaf-cleaver.
What’s the worst thing about a bread pun?
It tends to get stale.
You knead me in your loaf.
Why was the slice of bread upset with her husband?
He told her she was being too kneady.
The bread did not believe that he could work at his job much longer. He was feeling too crusty.
The tiny bag of flour got in trouble, so his mother sent him to bread early. He kneaded to be punished.
Why was the bread actor so unhappy?
She lost out on a juicy roll.
What does bread say to a friend after doing them a favor?
It’s the yeast I could do.
Why did the baker file a sexual harassment claim?
People kept commenting on his hot buns.
What did mama bread say to her kids?
It’s way past your breadtime!
You better watch out before you play a game with any bread? Baguette ready to lose.
The cheap baker only paid his employees a flourly rate. Cheapskate!
The manager at the bread store told the baker that he had to stop loafing around. The baker said that it was his job.
Challah if you see me in the streets. Will do.