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Joke: The Old Lady and the Bank CEO

 An old lady walked into the Bank of America with a huge bag of money.

She told the receptionist that she would like to meet the president of the bank as she wanted to deposit a large sum of money. The receptionist objected but the old lady wouldn’t move, so with no option left, she went inside the office.

She came back and said, “You are lucky this morning, He will see you!”

Bank president: "How can I help you, madam?"

She (Old Lady): "I would like to open a new account and deposit this money."

He: "How much money do you like to deposit?"

joke old woman holding lots of cash bills

She: "$180,000 Please." (Started dumping the whole amount on his table)

The bank president was a bit surprised. "How did you get this much cash, Madam? We are not a laundering facility!"

She: "Oh, it's nothing illegal. I make bets."

He: "What kind of bets?"

She: "For example, I bet you that your right hand will taste like eggs, just your right hand and not your left. Let's meet again by tomorrow 9:00 AM. If I'm right, you will owe me $25,000. If I lose, I'll pay you $10,000!"

The man is shocked. How is that even possible? But he's a banker at heart and this is easy money, so he accepts the bet almost immediately. 

She: "Okay then, I'll come around 9:00 AM tomorrow with my lawyer. Don't try to dodge the bet! No regrets!"

Feeling hesitant before her certainty, he mumbles his agreement. 

It was so bizarre, he didn't even like eggs! But he was so tense about it, he couldn't sleep all night, licking his hands and smelling them to make sure they smell normal.

The next day at 9:00 AM the old lady was there, right on time, with her witness.

She: "Can I check your hands now Sir?"

He: "Yes. Go ahead."

She held his hands and started sniffing his right hand. Then she licked it briefly to confirm.

Her lawyer started banging his head against the wall.

The president, delighted with his $10,000 win and kicking himself for worrying, asked the lady what was wrong with the lawyer's strange behavior.

Lawyer: "She had a bet with me for $100,000. I can't believe I lost. She said she will be licking the hands of the president of the Bank of America at 9:00 AM today!"




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