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Knock Knock
Who's there
Four Eggs
Four Eggs who
Four Eggs ample!
Egg puns are the most egg-citing.
My dad always used to tell me, "Never put all your eggs in one basket."
Which is probably why we lost the Easter egg hunt.
How can you drop an egg six feet without breaking it?
By dropping it seven feet. It won’t break for the first six.
Why can't you tease egg whites?
Because they can't take a yolk.
An egg walks into a bar...
And makes a real mess.
What do you get if a chicken lays an egg on top of a barn?
An eggroll.
I saw an egg behaving oddly today.
It was probably just a bit egg-centric.
What do horses like to put on their egg salad sandwiches?
The Exotic Breakfast
The Exotic Breakfast A man is walking along the street one morning, feeling hungry. He sees a sign in the window of a restaurant that says, "Try our Exotic Breakfast now" so he walks in and sits down at a table. The waitress comes over and asks what he wants. The man asks, "What's your Exotic Breakfast?" "Baked tongue of chicken," she proudly replies The man shouts, "Baked tongue of chicken! Have you any idea how disgusting that is? I'd never even think about eating anything that came out of a chicken's mouth! Urrghhh!!" The waitress is a little taken aback, but stays calm and asks him, "No problem, sir. What would you prefer, then?" The man says, "Just bring me some scrambled eggs."
Why does it take a million sperm to fertilize one egg?
They really are too damn proud to stop and ask for directions.
Why does it take 1 million sperm to fertilize one egg?
Because like all men, they won't stop to ask directions.
Did you hear about the egg laden rabbit who jumps off bridges? He’s the Easter Bungee!
What do you call a penguin in a shell suit?
An egg.
What do you get when a penguin lays an egg on a hill?
An eggroll.
Why did some cardinals get their feathers ruffled?
The Pope gave away the church’s nest egg to the poor.