Which type of dinosaur could jump higher than a house ? Any kind! A house cannot jump!
What do you say when you find the perfect font?
You’re just my type!
What type of a computer does a horse like to eat? A Macintosh
Why did Comic Sans divorce Times New Roman? He just wasn’t her type.
How come it’s so hard to make a fool out of a man?
Because most of them are the DIY type in that way.
Women sometimes make fools of men, but most guys are the do-it-yourself type.
What type of egg refuses to come out of his shell?
An egg-arophobic.
What type of magazines do cows read?
There is a specific type of cats who love to go bowling. They are known as alley cats.
What is a cheese lover’s favorite type of music?
R n’ Brie.
The worst type of criminal is he who mugs other people's coffee.
What type of sandals do frogs wear?
What’s a golf clubs favorite type of music?
What's a bipolar person's favorite type of music? Swing.
What type of person doesn’t like pizza?
A weir-dough.