Piss Puns

Are you taking the piss? Then you'd probably love these puns

How do you piss off a boat?
Stand on the back and take a leak.
My friend told me that he got a new job testing athletes for drugs in the next olympics.
I think he’s just taking the piss...
Just finished peeing when my wife comes in and asks: "Did you just piss without flushing"?
I replied, "Yea, it's pretty clear..."
What do you call a sorcerer who only deals in urine magic?
A whizzard.
When a young adult goes to take a leak, does that mean they're a peenager?
What's the opposite of urine?
I'm out.
Broke my arm and ended up in hospital. The doctor told me she would have to take a urine sample.
I asked her if she was taking the piss.
I hate spelling errors. You mix up two letters and your whole post is urined.
Gentlemen- what’s a shortcut to not piss on the seat?
What do you call a squirt gun with urine in it...
A piss-tol
I am terrified of people who urinate quietly.
After all, all psychos have a silent p.
A company that performs tests on urine samples turned a large profit in the last several months.
They had a great piss-cal year.
I was calling the hospital, but it seems they were busy. The picked up the phone and said,
"Urology department, can you hold?"
Are you the one who signed up for the pee club?
Because if so, urine.
What's a doctor hope to gain from a urine test?
What does a man desperate to urinate do in a room full of arrogant people?
Egos everywhere.
I saw a sign today that made me piss myself.....It said,
"Toilets Closed"
If you're here for pee jokes, urine luck.
Heard the person who invented the urinals was very young.
He was a whiz kid.
What do you call it when you piss down a slide?
A weeee wee
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