Welcome to our Tree Puns! Don't leaf yet, and enter the forest of funny trees with their hilarious puns!

Today a large tree suddenly fell over right in front of me.
I was stumped.
If a tree had a mouth, wood it bark?
What does a stick say when it falls down?
"Wood you help me up?"
When is a piece of wood made king? when its a ruler
If trees could kill you, they wood.
Why do trees make the worst enemies?
Because they are the best at throwing shade.
So I cut down a tree using my vision today
It’s true, I SAW it with my own eyes.
Why are trees so active in politics? They really like grass roots movements.
Did you hear about the aspen who fell for the loggers’ scam? The copse wood not believe she fell for it.
Why are Christmas trees so clean? They know how to spruce things up.
Why do trees have to drink responsibly? Otherwise, they become a bunch of trunk idiots.
What did the tree say after someone hit it? We should really call the copse.
What did the conifer say when he finally got alone with his crush? It’s just yew and me, baby.
Why was the tree so embarrassed during the winter? After her leaves fell, she felt naked.
What did the nut tree say when his wife left him? I walnut stand for this!
Why are cedars so hard to get along with? They suffer from bigo-tree and ex-tree-mism.
What do poplars bring to war? They bring their infan-tree.
Why are trees so silly? All of their puns arboring and acorny.
What do pines eat for breakfast? Past-trees.
Why did the sapling jump in the ocean? He wanted to swim with the manatrees.
What did the eskimo say when he chopped down a tree?
Why are trees such great drivers? They always take the shortest root.
What do aspens wear to school? A tree-shirt.
Why were the spruces in a group of three? They like to travel as a tree-o.
Why did the aspen date the poplar? She really found him to be in-tree-guing.
Why do trees always get hired? They have the right qual-leaf-ications.
How did the pines and firs end their war? With a tree-ty.
Why are trees a popular Christmas decoration? They look good in boughs.
Why do trees always walk so slowly? All they can do is lumber around.
Did you hear about the loggers who stopped cutting down the forest? The trees really felt re-leafed.