Tree Puns

Welcome to our Tree Puns! Don't leaf yet, and enter the forest of funny trees with their hilarious puns!

Where did the Adansonia tree go to get a quick trim? To the baobarber.
What do trees drink at their parties? Root beer.
What did the nut tree say when his wife left him? I walnut stand for this!
Why are bad knitters and Christmas trees alike? They both drop their needles.
Is it hard to count conifers? It’s as simple as one, two, tree!
Why are trees a popular Christmas decoration? They look good in boughs.
Why do trees make the worst enemies?
Because they are the best at throwing shade.
Why did the dunce get hurt after raking leaves? He fell out of the tree.
What looks like half a pine tree? The other half.
Why can’t a Christmas tree sew? It keeps dropping its needles.
Why did the Sugar Maple have to go to the dentist? It really needed a root canal.
Did you hear about the bank that wanted to put an ATM up a tree? If it works, they are going to expand the idea to other branches.
What do you call a nice tree that does not have any teeth? Sweetgums.
Why was the sapling crying to her mom? She said the big trees wouldn’t leaf her alone.
Why do trees always get hired? They have the right qual-leaf-ications.
What do chic evergreens wear for cruelty-free fashion? Faux fir.
Why are trees the largest plant? Because they are truly tree-mendous.
I told my friend a tree pun.
He was stumped.
Finally put up the Christmas tree...
It really spruced up the room.
Why are trees so active in politics? They really like grass roots movements.
Why was the pine tree always in trouble? It kept being knotty.
Why are dogwood trees amazing pets? They have a great bark and a wooden bite.
Why were the spruces in a group of three? They like to travel as a tree-o.
What happened to the wooden car with a wooden engine and wheels? It wooden go at all.
What types of books do pines read? Poetree books.
I fernly beleaf my tree puns are qualitree, you can leaf me alone if you disagreen.
Why aren’t trees competitive sports fans? They like to root for everyone.
Why did the Platanus occidentalis have to go to the doctor more than the other trees? Because it was always sycamore.
What does a triangle palm like to study in school? Trigonometree.
What has leaves, is green and a trunk? A houseplant heading on vacation.
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