Cactus Puns

Don't worry, you won't get pricked here! You have arrived at our Cactus Puns, celebrating everything funny about the Cactus.

Are you a cactus?
Because you're a prick
Never go on a date with a cactus
They'll spike your drink
I dropped my cactus the other day
Worst part is, I caught it
Look Honey, a cactus!
I haven't seen that many pricks in one place since your family was in for Thanksgiving!
Why are coyotes howling in the night?
Because they can only see the cactuses in the day.
What do call a cactus which is shaped like a penis
I think there's something wrong with the cactus I'm growing...
But I can't put my finger on it.
What do you call a human that's now a cactus?
A transplant.
What's the difference between a BMW and a Cactus?
Pricks are on the outside of Cactuses.
Scientists have genetically modified a Venus Fly Trap to have the skin of a cactus
They say its bark is worse than its bite.
What did the cactus wear with their suit?
A cactie.
There’s two balloons in the desert. One says look out for that cactus!
The other goes What Cactussssss...
What do you call a dinosaur who sat on a cactus?
A megalo-sore-ass.
What did one cactus say to the other cactus ?
"Lookin sharp !"
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