Mushroom Puns

These hilarious mushroom puns put the "fun" in fun-gi.

The fungi turned down seconds at dinner because he never had mushroom.
My father cooked us mushrooms. Later he asked "Having fun guys"?
What type of room do you eat? A mush room.
Mushrooms always hate going to school. They feel inferior before the rest because they are always so spore-d.
Mushroom puns are the best for any occasion. They are very portabella.
Why did the frog lose his job on the mushroom farm? He stole the toads-tool.
Have you ever heard of mushroom cars? Well, they have an interesting sound which goes line shroom shroom!
I was thinking about using a mushroom to poison someone. My morel stopped me.
What did the mushroom request when booking his hotel? A shroom with a view, please!
Why did the lettuce and the mushroom break up? The lettuce was pretty but the mushroom did not have much room for her in his life.
There are lots of funny jokes about mushrooms that can give you stitches. However, you need to be patient enough because they need time to grow on you.
When darkness sets in, fungi much like many other organisms go to sleep, but in mush-rooms.
I was going to try putting a mushroom into my cola. I wanted to be a my cola gist.
How do you get into the mush-room? Ring the porta-bella.
The forager was in such mixed moods this morning and we guessed he picked and ate the wrong class of mushrooms.
I always invite the mushroom to my party because he is such a fun-guy.
What did the mushroom say after the car accident? Help I’m a truffle!
Why did the mushroom need time off work? Because he was fried.
What do you call a giant mushroom? Hu-fungus.
What did the mushroom’s sing when they won the closed-cup? - We are the champignons!
What type of car did the mushroom drive by in? A spores car.
What is a mushroom’s favorite hobby? - Spore-t!
How did the mushroom end up on a vacation abroad? It was just a spore of the moment decision!
Why is it impossible to have a balanced conversation with a female mushroom? - Because shiitake too much!
I was at a bar and heard a band playing a Queen cover. I asked them what the name of their band was. They are called the Champignons my friend.
Why do toadstools grow so close to each other? They do not need mushroom to grow.
When Mr. Mushroom saw Miss Mushroom, he didn’t hesitate to ask her out on a date because he had she was such a fungi-rl.
You can virtually stay in any room. The only one you can’t is the mush-room because it is reserved for fungi.
At the party, the vegetarian girl won’t eat the mushrooms, reason being, somebody told her that they were oyster mushrooms.
Where do the mushroom family keep their umbrellas, coats and shoes? In their porch-ini!
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