Time to get a tan and a full dose of humor! So head on over to the Beach Puns to get the best of both.

My sister said I would never be able to make a beach pun.
Is seashore about that?
I can sea clearly now.
Sea you at the beach.
I was at the beach and saw this guy in the water yelling, “Help, shark! Help!
I just laughed because I knew that shark wasn’t going to help him.
What did the ocean say when asked if he wanted to be friends with the beach?
Sorry, I'm octopied.
Why was the bucket so embarrassed at the beach?
Because of how pail it was.
Why did the obtuse Triangle go to the beach?
Because it was more than 90°.
They told me they were handing out free beef at the beach...
When I arrived I realized it was a bay-con.
Beach, please.
Avoid pier pressure.
The bartender asks one of The Beach Boys what they’d like, so he looks back to his friends
“Get a round?” “Round?” “Round?” “I’ll get a round!”
If there's a will, there's a wave.
My wife refused to go to a nude beach with me
I can't believe she is so clothes-minded.
What do you call a boy swimming at the beach?
A cowboy and a Mexican were walking side-by-side by a beach in Mexico. The Cowboy asked to the Mexican if the Gulf of Mexico was an ocean.
"Sea, Señor," replied the Mexican.
Feeling fintastic.
Don't get tide down.
Please excuse my resting beach face.
Whale, hello there.
I asked the land beside the ocean if he was certain he wasn't beach.
But he was pretty shore.
Did you hear about the boat that crashed into the beach?
The captain fell asleep and the crew didn't realize until they were already in the no wake zone.
What do you call someone with Yellow hair on the beach?
A beach blond.
That crazy little sun of a beach.
What did the ocean say to the beach?
Thanks for all the sediment.
What book of the bible do you read on a beach?
The book of psalms trees.
Salty but sweet.
What do you call a Grizzly at a nude beach?
Bear Naked.
If you go to a beach and you can see through it, you could say the coast is clear.
Why don’t elephants go to the beach?
Because their trunks always fall down.