Pass the ball, we've got you covered for all the Soccer Puns you could wish for!

I'm currently dating a famous soccer player. He's so loving and caring towards me.
He's a keeper.
During holidays, soccer referees send their families yellow cards.
The best place on earth to shop for soccer kits is New Jersey.
Birds too love cheering on their soccer teams. They egg them on.
You can’t possibly play soccer in the amazon jungle because there are far too many cheetahs.
The favorite soccer position for ghosts is the ghoul keeper.
Which is the bar downtown that soccer players hate striking on? Crossbar.
When the pitch is flooded, soccer players can still go on. They just need to bring on their subs.
There are many grounds religious children can practice their soccer skills. However, most of them love the prayground.
The chicken got sent off in the middle of the match because of their persistent fowl play.
There is one commonality between a magician and a soccer player. They both do hat tricks.
Grasshoppers do not fancy soccer matches because most of them prefer cricket matches.
The dog didn’t want to play soccer because it was a boxer.
Football pitches are almost always so wet. This is because soccer players dribble a lot.
Away from their official duties, soccer players love dancing at a soccer ball.
Everybody wants to light up a soccer stadium. However, this is only possible using a soccer match.
Footballers love one specific type of tea; penal-tea.
Though it sounds mean, a bad soccer team is much like an old bra. It has no cups and minimal support.
Do you know the easiest way to stop squirrels from playing soccer in your garden is to hide the ball? Well, it drives them nuts.
The only ship that has never docked on their harbor is the premiership.
Their soccer team and the US navy had one thing in common, they both spent over $50 million on a sub.
Defeat in soccer is only bitter if you swallow it.
Every player knows pretty well that they cannot afford to go through life without goals.
It is now a universal truth that actions speak louder than coaches.
The target in soccer is to kick it where it counts.
Seven days without playing soccer can make one weak.
Do you believe this? All soccer players, irrespective of their country of origin, have one goal.
The only way athletes can stay cool even in a charged game is by standing near the fans.
Finally, the soccer ball decided to quit the team. The reason behind its move was that it was tied of being kicked around.
The soccer player brought string to her game because she wanted to tie the score.