Slide on over and start laughing at our outrageous Ice Hockey Puns.

Where's the weak spot on a Scottish goalie? The fief hole.
Did Cyclops the X-man play hockey? Yes, he enjoyed lasing up the skates.
In later years was the Great One in decline? Yes he was on the Wayne.
Can linesmen enter the Hall of Fame? Yes, because they decide who's HOFside.
Which Nordique great has recurring ligament problems? Peter Spaz-knee!
Which legend lived in a shack? Was it Eddy? No, Ma-hovel-ich!
Which HOF defenceman was nicknamed The Gravedigger? Denis Plotvin.
Which trophy has the most glitz? The Lady Bling.
Where do players hide their marijuana?
Between the stash marks.
The refs kept calling interference, even though goalmouth incidents were in
Would Gretzky have changed his name in order to play in Mexico?
Yes, The Great Juan did what it takes.
When the defender was put in the box for spearing Jaromir Jagr, he
complained "but it was only a poke-Czech!"
What trophy do you get if you never score any points? The Art Rouse.
Why do referees always hurry to catch their next flight? Because it's "two
minutes 'fore boarding!"
Who's got a penchant for spearing? Pronger!
I could go on and on about Salming but I don't want to Borje.
Which Finn is like a hotdog on the ice? Teemu Salami.
Which front-office type is the most promiscuous? The general ménageur.
A certain Leafs right-winger was sued by the Louisiana government. He was
Owen N'awlins.
Where do Danish players aim with the puck? Top kroner.
After the Moroccan scored a Hat-trick, the players gathered for the fez-off.
Which rangy centre could cover the whole ice? Jean Umbrelliveau.
In Quebec they used to practise throwing the puck in the zone, and then
sitting back to wait for a turnover. But eventually the players were
criticized for this dump-and-chaise tactic.
What's the sweetest moment in a hockey game? When they're icing the puck.
Ed Belfour's new contract offer isn't high compared to other goal tenders.
If there's a Tim Horton's chain, should there be a Lanny McDonald's? Or Doug
Harvey's? And what about Ron's Francise?
Opposing coaches facing the Leafs in the 60s and 70s knew that Dave was the
one to Keon.
Where did the Flopper work in the offseason? At Dominik's Hat-Check.
The Montreal baseball team relocated to Tampa after being purchased by the
Exposito bros.
Would they get two minutes for tripping?
Not if they spliff the defence.