Welcome to our bowling puns. These puns are a complete strike!

At the end of the year, there is always a rock n’ bowl concert where everyone gets entertained.
Good bowlers always keep their minds out of the gutter.
You cannot strike it, if you don’t try it.
The perfect description of a bowling game is one where there is plenty of room at the top, but no room to lie down.
My strategy is simple, knocking them down a pin at a time.
It is not really much about how you bowl, but instead how you roll.
The moto of their school bowling team was ‘let’s knock em down’.
The closer we came to the alley, the louder the bowling thunder.
If you happen to knock down all the pins, don’t be overly excited. Spare us the details.
The basic rule in the bowling game is to ensure you leave no pin standing.
The beauty with bowling is that you can get three strikes, but you still remain in the game.
When the going gets tough, let the pins fall where they may.
The success in this sport is not how you bowl, but how you roll.
The bowling team of which I am captain is known lightning. This is because we get countless strikes.
The toilets at an AMF are known as the boweling alleys.
In a conversation between one pin and another, one said, “Let us never split.”
Ideally, the cost of a bowling game should be ten pinnies. However, with inflation, the price always goes up.
Bowlers pay a lot of money to play. This is because it is a bum per lane.
If you do bowling and for some reason you can’t hear a pin drop, something could be wrong with your bowling.
The best holiday for you to go bowling is thanksgiving because you will get turkeys.
Bowlers do not make good employees. This is because for 80% of the time, they are always going on strike.
There is a commonality between a thanksgiving and a bowler guest. They both love turkey.
If you doubt whether bowling is a sport, get it from me, that yes, it is a sport, but for people who have talent to spare.
There is a specific type of cats who love to go bowling. They are known as alley cats.
The bowling solder decided to launch a pre-emptive strike.
When you go with an army general onto a bowling alley, he will start bowling even before you enter his name on the scoreboard.
The crowd had filled up the venue and everyone was waiting for the bowling alley to open. Finally, they got the ball rolling.
Did you know that old bowlers do not die? They simply end up in gutters.
The reason why bowling alleys are so quiet is such that you can hear a pin drop.
In the history of bowling, there is one bowler who floats like a butterfly and stings pretty much like a bee. His name is Muhammad Alley.