Welcome to the one sports that never fills the basket - Basketball! We've got the best basketball puns for you to enjoy.

Which basketball team is the favorite at the North Pole?
The New York Old Saint Knicks.
What is the difference between a ball hog and time?
Time passes.
Which violation do ghosts get called for the most in basketball?
Ghoul tending.
What did the player on the Bumblebee basketball team say after making a foul shot?
Hive Scored!
Where do point guards take their dates to party after the game?
To a basket ball.
What do a rabid rabbit and a basketball player have in common?
Mad hops.
What do you call a basketball team that cries after they lose the game?
A bawl club.
What does a basketball player say when he misses?
Why are pilots so bad at basketball?
Because they're always traveling.
Why are street thugs so good at basketball?
Because they know how to shoot, steal, and run.
Why was the basketball court so slippery?
Because all the players were dribbling on it.
Why was the wheelchair basketball team banned from the Paralympics?
They all tested positive for WD-40.
What does a hunter do with a basketball?
He shoots it.
Why did the basketball player sign up for a crafting class?
He wanted to learn how to make baskets.
Are you still wondering why the basketball player could listen to his music? Don’t you know he broke a record!
Before they go out to a basketball game, all cheerleaders down several bottles of root beer.
Basketball is the only sport where the basket is filled but never gets full.
It is ridiculous having a basketball team that lacks a website. Do you mean none of them can string three W’s together?
The only difference between time and a ball hog is that the former passes.
Scrambled eggs are similar to a losing basketball team because both are beaten.
Do you know how to dunk cookies? Ask a basketball chef.
The judge sentenced the basketball player to life imprisonment because he shot the ball.
Longfellow is the known poet of basketball.
If you want a loyal marriage, get hitched to a basketball player. He will never pass you, rather he will keep you all to himself.
Basketball players make good husbands. They never shoot their wives.
Basketball players are not that patient to follow-through an elaborate court-ship procedure.
When the basketball realized all the checks were bouncing, he decided to visit the bank himself to find out.
It is not uncommon for elephants to start a stampede. Especially if they want to play for the Chargers.
Everyone wondered why Cinderella was such a bad player. If only they knew, her coach was a pumpkin.
The team’s star basketball player decided to remain at home the entire weekend. He didn’t want to be called out for travelling.