Serving up some Volleyball Puns for you to enjoy!

What is a volleyball player’s favorite drink? Sets on the Beach.
Did you hear the terrible rumor about the volleyball player? That’s what she set!
You can forget about winning, princess. Because even Cinderella can’t get to this ball.
If volleyball were easy, they would call it football.
Why did the volleyball player get thrown out of the party? He spiked the punch.
What do volleyball players like in bed? Kinky sets.
How does a volleyball team welcome their new neighbors? With a block party.
They say that you can spike a volleyball. But you can never take away its dig-nity.
What happens if the Grim Reaper spikes the ball? You have to dig your own grave.
Set or be set. This is certainly the right way to look at things.
They say that volleyball is just mind over matter. Because in our minds, you don’t matter.
Why should you you stand on the service line? So that you can order ice cream.
We like rough sets. As long as you practice safe sets, there isn’t a problem.
Did you hear about the battery and the volleyball who got into a fight? The volleyball is waiting to go to church and the battery was charged.
Our game is as tight as our spandex. This would be an awesome team motto.
Why can’t a fish every play volleyball? They are afraid of the net.
We pass expectations, set the standards and kill the competition. This is definitely one of the best volleyball puns to use as your team’s motto.
Why did the other volleyball team bow? Because they heard that the queens of the court were there.
Volleyball is air affair. This would be a good motto for your team.
What do volleyball players do when they go to church? Serve God.
Setters do it better. This sounds like a good motto to put on a T-shirt.
Why did they arrest the volleyball player? They suspected foul play.
Why did the volleyball player not want to travel? Because he had been there and dug that.
What does a volleyball player do when they go to prom? They spike the punch.
How are a volleyball coach and a dentist similar? They both use drills.
What do police officers do when they are on the volleyball court? They serve and protect.
How do volleyball players deliver their messages? Through Air Mail.
Why are spiders such great volleyball players? Because they have an amazing topspin.
Why did the volleyball player get sent to jail? Because he was set up.
There is no glory in practice, but without practice there can be no glory. This volleyball pun is very inspirational. For you to do your best, you have to be willing to practice.