Volleyball Puns

Serving up some Volleyball Puns for you to enjoy!

Why did the volleyball player cross the street? There were players on the other side.
How did the serve know when the bad serve was not with the hand? The server knew it was the foot fault.
Why do benched players always seem to look so wise? They don’t have to look like fools on the floor and entertain the crowds.
How can you tell when a coach doesn’t know what they are doing? When the real coach is yelling from in the stands.
How are a volleyball coach and a dentist similar? They both use drills.
Setters do it better. This sounds like a good motto to put on a T-shirt.
What should you wear when you play against the National Volleyball Team? Football helmets.
Why did the other volleyball team bow? Because they heard that the queens of the court were there.
Why should you not play volleyball in court? Because you could get arrested.
Why do you need six players to carry the volleyball to the game? No one can carry the volleyball and a whole team.
Some call them opponents. We call them victims. It sounds like you have the right mindset to succeed on the court!
Why did the volleyball players line up from shortest to tallest? The coach wanted the team to switch from a 5-1 line up to a 6-2.
Why did the volleyball player not want to travel? Because he had been there and dug that.
How are a volleyball player and a carpenter similar? They both love to hammer spikes.
How are waiters and blockers similar? When they do a good job, they get a big fat tip.
What do you call a girl who is standing directly in the middle of the court? Annette.
If volleyball were easy, they would call it football.
What do volleyball players like in bed? Kinky sets.
Why can you never use a serve receive pattern against a sniper? They’d all start running for cover.
How many middle-hitters do you need to screw in a light bulb? Only one, but the the setter has to put it perfectly in their hand first.
Why do volleyball players join the military? They want to gain extra experience in the service.
There is no glory in practice, but without practice there can be no glory. This volleyball pun is very inspirational. For you to do your best, you have to be willing to practice.
You should call us butter because we are on a roll. This would be one of the best volleyball puns to put on a T-shirt.
What is the fastest way to make a setter angry? Each time you make a pass, tell the setter the ball is “Up” and then say “Yours!”
Why are volleyball players always so blameless? They always pass the blame and try to avoid faults.
What does a volleyball player do when they go to prom? They spike the punch.
Volleyball is air affair. This would be a good motto for your team.
Why do hitters find it so hard to be productive when they are indoors? They always work on an angle to play outside.
What is a volleyball player’s favorite drink? Sets on the Beach.
What happens if the Grim Reaper spikes the ball? You have to dig your own grave.
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