Ancient Egypt Puns

You are in de nile if you say you don't like these ancient Egypt puns.

What did the mummy order to eat when he went to a restaurant? A wrap.
How did Ozymandias became the greatest Pharaoh of Egypt?
He rammed everything that he sees
What do Egyptian Pharaoh's and sandwich filling have in common?
They're both in bread.
Who was the most flatulent Pharaoh in all of old Egypt?
King Tootsarecommon.
Q: What did the mummy say to the zombie?
A: Quit ragging me out!
Q: How did the Pharaoh get to school?
A: In Anubis.
Did you hear about the scary couple in prom this year? It was a mummy and his ghoul-friend.
Q: Which pretty actress was an ancient Egyptian favorite?
A: Pharaoh Fawcett
What do you yell at two mummies making out in public?
Get a tomb!
As soon as the ancient Egyptian kings come to know about the pyramid scheme, they stopped building monuments immediately.
Where does a pharaoh use the bathroom?
A pee-ramid
Have you ever been to a marketplace in Egypt?
It's quite bazaar
Why do Pharaohs never tell dad jokes? Because they are all mummies.
Archeologists discovered an ancient Egyptian tomb that was dedicated solely to women.
At least that's what they concluded as it was full of Mummys.
Why wasn't the archaeologist interested in girls?
Because he only dated mummies.
She broke up with me while we were swimming in Egypt
I'm still in de-Nile
Mummies are very aware of investment security. Their favorite is Cryptocurrency.
My son asked me if we were related to any Egyptian Pharaohs.
I told him, unfortunately son we do not even have so much as a toot in common.
In ancient Egypt if you held a stinging insect you were thought to be very attractive
Because beauty is in the eye of the beeholder
Q: Why didn't the Pharaoh know where he was?
A: He skipped history class.
What do you call a mummy covered in chocolate and nuts? A Pharaoh Roche.
Did you hear about the mummy who goes to university? His favorite subject is Cryptography.
The mummy was very sore from lying down for years. So he called a Cairo-practor.
Why was Cleopatra so in love with Egypt's ruler?
Q: What was the pharaoh's favorite football team?
A: The Mummy Dolphins
The mummy couldn't finish his Halloween candies. Because he was stuffed.
Why was the Egyptian kid confused?
His daddy was his mummy!
Q: What do you get when you cross an Egyptian pharaoh with a mechanic?
A: Toot and Car Man.
What would the pharaoh say after seeing the pyramid? He would name it mummy's home.
What did Pharaoh say when the seventh plague struck his land?
"Aw *hail* naw!"
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