Ah, the Biology puns, we see you are a person of... culture.

What type of flowers does everybody have? two-lips.
My vaccine dad joke failed.
But it was worth a shot.
Heard Russia has the vaccine to Coronavirus. I'm probably not Putin that into my body.
I was going to become a biologist. But all the endless coursework on hearts and lungs and kidneys and so on just made it seem like one long organ recital.
How did the herpetologist know he would be married soon? He caught the garter snake.
Did you hear about the famous microbiologist who traveled in thirty different countries and learned to speak six languages? He was a man of many cultures.
How do you tell the difference between boys and girls?
Take their genes down.
If Russia wants to be the first country to produce a vaccine ...
... Then Soviet.
I can't imagine the stress put on the workers in trying to figure out the newest flu vaccine...
It probably puts a strain on the staff.
I don't think I need a spine.
It's holding me back.
Did you guys hear about that 14-year old virgin girl who got pregnant after receiving the flu vaccine?
Sounds like an inoculate conception.
I have faith in Pfizer and its Covid vaccine, because they also make Viagra.
If Pfizer can raise the dead, it can save the living.
What did Russian do after they made the vaccine ?
They Put-in.
Hey why Are The Viruses All Gone? Cause They "flu" AWAY.
What does a biologist wear when they're going out?
Designer genes.
Do you find bone puns humerus?
How does Juliet maintain a constant body temperature? Romeostasis.
What did the Endoplasmic Reticulum say to the Golgi. I like your body, and the Golgi said it's complex.
I heard the government is going to put chips inside people with Covid vaccines...
I hope I get Doritos.
What does DNA stand for? National Dyslexics Association.
I hear there's a new COVID-19 vaccine delivered via an audio interface as music.
It is hoped that this will lead to heard immunity.
What did one cell say to his sister cell when she stepped in his toe? Mitosis.
What did the male stamen say to the female pistil? "I like your style."
Working on lab science animals is a real rat race.
Organ donors really put their heart into it.
If this new covid vaccine works...
...It'll be a real shot in the arm for 2021.
What did one brain say to another?
I lobe you.
What is the reproductive area in South America? Spermatagonia.
What did the femur say to the patella? I kneed you.
How do you know your dehydrated? You can hear your red blood cells crenating.