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Engineering is one of the most important jobs in the world, of course, it's also pretty boring for the rest of us! How about we spice it up with some humor and puns? Enjoy the best Engineering Puns Online!

Where in the World Can You Find the Highest Concentration of Engineers?
Antarctica! Because that's where all the P. Enguins are!
What did the structural engineer say to the architect? Nice buttress.
I asked a train engineer how many times his train had derailed. He said, “I’m not sure, it’s hard to keep track.”
The interesting the about engineering Toilet Paper.
It's an a-ply-ed science.
I passed my degree in sound engineering. I got 1-2-1-2!
Old Software Engineers Never Die...
They just reboot.
Why did the engineering students leave class early? They were getting a little ANSI.
How Many Engineers Does It Take to Assemble a Futon?
Three…and a psychologist!
Why was the software engineer bankrupt? He’d used all his cache.
I miss the old days of railway when the engineer had plenty of esteem.
After suffering weak gain at the poles, the National Transistor Party has been trying to energize their base.
If you’re doing dangerous work on a platform that’s held together by screwed in bolts, then your life is hanging by a thread.
I just finished my masters in engineering with a concentration in adhesives...
Within the next year I want to publish my first book on tape.
After suffering weak gain at the poles, the National Transistor Party has been trying to energize their base.
Power naps are great. You can really build up charge with them.
Some local engineers took a train for a service, but the vicar said it was blocking the aisle.
Why was the thermometer smarter than the graduated cylinder?
He had more degrees.
What's the Difference Between a Chemist and a Chemical Engineer?
Oh, about $10 K a year.
Engineers like to Solve Problems but...
If there are no problems handily available, they will create their own.
Professor: "What's a hydraulic ram used for?" "It's where you get steel wool!"
Never argue with Pi, it's irrational.
Two antennas got married – the wedding was lousy, but the reception was outstanding.
What to give your favorite electrical engineer for his birthday?
What did the electrical engineer say when he got shocked? That hertz.
Looking for a boyfriend in engineering: the odds are good, but the goods are odd.
What's the Difference Between Mechanical & Civil Engineers?
Mechanical engineers build weapons, civil engineers build targets.
Did you hear about the constipated engineer? He worked it out with a pencil. It was a natural log.
Why is a robot engineer never lonely? Because he’s always making new friends.
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